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MacWhinney, Brian

The Handbook of Language Emergence

€ 200.65

Explores the latest integrated theory for understanding human language, creating an inclusive and in-depth text on the rapidly evolving emergentist paradigm Brings together an international team of contributors, including the most prominent advocates of emergentist accounts of language.

Taal / Language : English

Notes on Contributors Introduction I. Basic Language Structures: 1. The Emergence of Phonological Representation Patricia Donegan 2. Capturing Gradience, Continuous Change, and Quasi-Regularity in Sound, Word, Phrase, and Meaning Jay McClelland 3. The Emergence of Language Comprehension Maryellen McDonald 4. Anaphora and the Case for Emergentism William O`Grady 5. Morphological Emergence Péter Racz, Janet Pierre-Humbert, Jennifer Hay, & Viktoria Papp 6. Metaphor and Emergentism Zoltán Kövecses 7. Usage-based Language Learning Nick Ellis, Matthew O`Donnell, & Ute Römer II. Language Change and Typology 8. Emergence at the Crosslinguistic Level: Attractor Dynamics in Language Change Joan Bybee and Clayton Beckner 9. The Diachronic Genesis of Synchronic Syntax Tom Givón 10. Typological Variation and Efficient Processing John Hawkins 11. Word meanings across languages support efficient communication Terry Regier, Charles Kemp, and Paul Kay III. Interactional Structures 12. Linguistic Emergence on the Ground - a Variationist Paradigm Shana Poplack and Rena Torres Cacoullos 13. The Emergence of Sociophonetic Structure Paul Foulkes and Jennifer Hay 14. An Emergentist Approach to Grammar Paul Hopper 15. Common Ground Eve Clark 16. The Role of Culture in the Emergence of Language Dan Everett IV. Language Learning 17. Learnability Alexander Clark 18. Perceptual Development and Statistical Learning Erik Thiessen and Lucy Erickson 19. Language Emergence in Development - A Computational Perspective Stewart McCauley, Padraic Monaghan, & Morten Christiansen 20. Perception and Production in Phonological Development Marilyn Vihman 21. The Emergence of Gestures Jordan Zlatev 22. A Constructivist Account of Child Language Acquisition Ben Ambridge & Elena Lieven 23. Bilingualism as a Dynamic Process Ping Li 24. Dynamic Systems and Language Development Paul van Geert and Marjolijn Verspoor V. Language and the Brain 25. Models of Language Production in Aphasia Gary Dell & Nathaniel Anderson 26. Formulaic Language in an Emergentist Framework Diana Van Lanckner Sidtis 27. Language Evolution - An Emergentist Perspective Michael Arbib
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656 pagina's
Januari 2015
1138 gram
251 x 171 x 36 mm
John Wiley & Sons gb

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