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Willie W. Lu

Broadband Wireless Mobile

3G and Beyond

€ 223.95

Broadband Wireless Mobile (3G and 4G) will be the next key developments in wireless communications. Immense interest has been fuelled by large demand for high frequency utilisation as well as a large number of users requiring simultaneous multidimensional high data rate access for the applications of wireless mobile internet and e commerce.

Taal / Language : English


1. Summary and Introduction.


Network Architecture.

Protocol Stack.

Compact Open Core.


2. UMTS Air Interface.


UMTS Air Interface.

CDMA2000 Air Interface.

Compatibility Issues.

Enhancing 3G Capabilities.


3. Network Architecture.


Generic Network Model.

Network Architecture.

UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network.

Network Access Security.

4. Emerging Wireless Applications and Protocols.


Wireless Application Protocol (WAP).

i Mode.

Other Wireless Mobile Internet Application Technologies.


5. Inititatives in 4G Mobile Design.

Introduction Who Needs 4G? What is 4G?

Microwave Propagation.

Adaptive Antennas.

Multiple Access Schemes.

CDMA Dynamic Cell Configuration.

CDMA Cellular Packet Communications.

Network Architecture and Teletraffic Evaluation.

TCP over 4G.

Decoding Technique in Mobile Multimedia Communications.

6. Conclusions.

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Januari 2002
888 gram
252 x 172 x 29 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen