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Lou, Wenjing ,Dr

Multihop Wireless Networks

Opportunistic Routing

€ 126.95

This book presents a comprehensive background to the technological challenges lying behind opportunistic routing.

Taal / Language : English

About the Series Editors
List of Abbreviations

1 Introduction
1.1 Multihop wireless networks
1.2 Routing challenges in MWNs
1.3 Routing techniques in MWNs
1.4 Related work
1.5 Book contribution
1.6 System model and assumptions

2 Taxonomy of opportunistic routing: principles and behaviors
2.1 EPA generalization
2.2 Principles of local behavior of GOR
2.3 Least cost opportunistic routing
2.4 Conclusions

3 Energy efficiency of geographic opportunistic routing
3.1 EGOR problem formulation
3.2 Efficient localized node-selection algorithms
3.3 Energy-efficient geographic opportunistic routing
3.4 Performance evaluation
3.5 Conclusion

4 Capacity of multirate opportunistic routing
4.1 Computing throughput bound of OR
4.2 Impact of transmission rate and forwarding strategy on throughput
4.3 Rate and candidate selection schemes
4.4 Performance evaluation
4.5 Conclusion

5 Multiradio multichannel opportunistic routing
5.1 Introduction
5.2 System model and opportunistic routing primer
5.3 Problem formulation
5.4 Forwarding priority scheduling
5.5 Performance evaluation 1
5.6 Conclusions and future work

6 Medium access control for opportunistic routing - candidate coordination
6.1 Existing candidate coordination schemes
6.2 Design and analysis of FSA
6.3 Simulation results and evaluation
6.4 Conclusions

7 Integration of opportunistic routing and network coding
7.1 A brief review of MORE
7.2 Mobile content distribution in VANETs
7.3 Related works on mobile content distribution in VANETs
7.4 Background on symbol-level network coding
7.5 CodeOn: a cooperative popular content broadcast scheme for VANETs based on SLNC
7.6 CodePlay: a live multimedia streaming scheme for VANETs based on SLNC
7.7 Conclusion

8 Multirate geographic opportunistic routing protocol design
8.1 System model
8.2 Impact of transmission rate and forwarding strategy on OR performance
8.3 Opportunistic effective one-hop throughput (OEOT)
8.4 Heuristic candidate selection algorithm
8.5 Multirate link-quality measurement
8.6 Performance evaluation
8.7 Conclusion

9 Opportunistic routing security
9.1 Attack on link quality measurement
9.2 Attacks on opportunistic coordination protocols
9.3 Resilience to packet-dropping attack
9.4 Conclusion

10 Opportunistic broadcasts in vehicular networks
10.1 Related works on broadcasts in general MWNs
10.2 Related works on broadcasts in VANETs
10.3 Problem statement
10.4 Overview of OppCast
10.5 OppCast: main design
10.6 Parameter optimization
10.7 Performance evaluation
10.8 Conclusion

11 Conclusions and future research
11.1 Summary
11.2 Future research directions


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312 pagina's
Januari 2011
596 gram
243 x 167 x 22 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us
Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen