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Levende natuur
Biologie algemeen
Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen

Lewin, Roger

Human Evolution

An Illustrated Introduction

€ 69.95

The readership for this book has historically been the upper undergraduate/graduate level. Professors who wish to bring in more on human evolution, which has increasingly become an important topic in evolutionary biology, genetics and developmental biology courses, will assign this book.

Taal / Language : English


Part I: Human Evolution in Perspective:.

1. Our Place in Nature.

2. Human Evolution as Narrative.

3. Historical Views.

4. Modern Evolutionary Theory.

5. The Physical Context of Evolution.

6. Extinction and Patterns of Evolution.

Part II: Background to Human Evolution:.

7. Dating Methods.

8. Systematics: Morphological and Molecular.

9. Science of Burial.

10. Primate Heritage.

Part III: Humans as Animals:.

11. Bodies, Size, and Shape.

12. Bodies, Brains, and Energy.

13. Bodies, Behavior, and Social Structure.

14. Nonhuman Models of Early Hominins.

Part IV: Hominin Beginnings:.

15. Ape and Human Relations.

16. Origin of the Hominoidea.

17. Origin of Bipedalism.

18. Jaws and Teeth.

19. The Earliest Known Hominins.

Part V: The Hominin Adaptation:.

20. The Australopithecines.

21. Early Homo.

22. Hominin Relations.

23. Early Tool Technologies.

Part VI: Homo erectus: Biology and Behavior:.

24. The Changing Position of Homo erectus.

25. New TechnologiesUnit 26: Hunter or Scavenger.

Part VII: Origin of Modern Humans:.

27. The Neanderthals.

28. Anatomical Evidence.

29. Genetic Evidence.

30. Archeological Evidence.

Part VIII: The Human Milieu:.

31. Evolution of Brain, Intelligence, and Consciousness.

32. The Evolution of Language.

33. Art in Prehistory.

Part IX: New Worlds:.

34. The Americas and Australia.

35. Origin of Agriculture and The First Villagers.


Extra informatie: 
Paperback / softback
284 pagina's
Januari 2004
844 gram
276 x 219 x 19 mm
John Wiley and Sons Ltd gb

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen