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Leuangthong, Oy

Solved Problems in Geostatistics

€ 128.95

Solved Problems in Geostatistics brings together exercises and projects that demonstrate key principles and build strong bridges between theory and practice. Each chapter focuses on a comprehensive topic with examples and problems for a technologically evolving audience.

Taal / Language : English

Preface and Acknowledgments.

1. Introduction.

1.1 Plan of this Book.

1.2 The Premise of Geostatistics.

1.3 Nomenclature.

2. Getting Comfortable with Probabilities.

2.1 Parametric Probability Distributions.

2.2 Variance of Linear Combinations.

2.3 Standardization and Probability Intervals.

3. Obtaining Representative Distributions.

3.1 Basic Declustering.

3.2 Debiasing with Bivariate Glaussian Distribution.

3.3 Comparison of Declustering Methods.

4. Monte Carlo Simulation.

4.1 Impact of the Central Limit Theorem.

4.2 Bootstrap and Spatial Bootstrap.

4.3 Transfer of Uncertainty.

5. Variograms and Volume Variance.

5.1 Geometric Anisotropy.

5.2 Variogram Calculation.

5.3 Variogram Modeling and Volume Variance.

6. Kriging.

6.1 Stationary Kriging.

6.2 Nonstationary Kriging.

6.3 Screening Effect of Kriging.

7. Gaussian Simulation.

7.1 Bivariate Gaussian Distribution.

7.2 Conditioning by Kriging.

7.3 Gaussian Simulation.

8. Indicators.

8.1 Variogram of Objects.

8.2 Indicator Variograms and the Gaussian Distribution.

8.3 Indicator Simulation for Categorical Data.

9. Multiple Variables.

9.1 Linear Model of Coregionalization.

9.2 Gaussian Cosimulation.

9.3 Multiscale Cokriging.

10. Special Topics.

10.1 Decision Making in the Presence of Uncertainty.

10.2 Trend Model Construction.

10.3 Multiple Point Statistics.

11. Closing Remarks.


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Paperback / softback
208 pagina's
Januari 2008
386 gram
248 x 178 x 19 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen