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Larsen, Erik

Audio Bandwidth Extension

Application of Psychoacoustics, Signal Processing and Loudspeaker Design

€ 141.95

Bandwidth extension (BWE) refers to various methods that increase either the perceived or real frequency spectrum (bandwidth) of audio signals. Such frequency extension is desirable if at some point the frequency content of the audio signal has been reduced, as can happen for example during recording, transmission or reproduction.

Taal / Language : English

Preface .
I.1 Bandwidth defined.
I.2 Historic overview.
I.3 Bandwidth extension framework.
1.4 Auditory perception..
2 Psychoacoustic bandwidth extension for low frequencies.
2.1 Introduction.
2.2 Psychoacoustic effects for low-frequency enhancement of small loudspeaker reproduction.
2.3 Low-frequency psychoacoustic bandwidth extension algorithms.
2.4 Low-frequency psychoacoustic bandwidth extension with frequency tracking.
2.5 Subjective performance of low-frequency psychoacoustic bandwidth extension algorithms.
2.6 Spectral characteristics of non-linear devices.
3 Low-frequency physical bandwidth extension.
3.1 Introduction.
3.2 Perceptual considerations.
3.3 Low-frequency physical bandwidth extension algorithms.
3.4 Low-frequency physical bandwidth extension combined with low frequency psychoacoustic bandwidth extension.
4 Special loudspeaker drivers for low-frequency bandwidth extension.
4.1 The force factor.
4.2 High force factor drivers.
4.3 Low force factor drivers.
4.4 Transient respons .
4.5 Details of lumped-element parameters and efficiency.
5 High-frequency bandwidth extension for audio.
5.1 Introduction.
5.2 The limits of deconvolution.
5.3 Perceptual considerations.
5.4 High-frequency bandwidth extension for audio.
5.5 Spectral Band Replication (SBR).
5.6 High-frequency bandwidth extension by instantaneous compression.
6 Bandwidth extension for speech.
6.1 Applications.
6.2 From a speech production model to the bandwidth extension algorithm .
6.3 Extension of the excitation signal.
6.4 Estimation of the wideband spectral envelope.
6.5 Feature selection.
6.6 Codebook mapping.
6.7 Linear mapping .
6.8 Gaussian mixture model.
6.9 Hidden Markov model.
6.10 Discussion.
7 Noise abatement.
7.1 A special kind of noise reduction.
7.2 The noise polution problemócase study.
7.3 The application low-frequency psychoacoustic bandwidth extension to noise pollution.
8 Bandwidth extension patent overview.
Appendix A Multidimensional scaling.
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312 pagina's
Januari 2004
680 gram
241 x 171 x 25 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen