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Langton, Roy Aircraft Fuel Systems
Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen

Langton, Roy

Aircraft Fuel Systems

€ 137.95

  • Comprehensive introduction to aircraft fuel system design
  • Offers an all encompassing view of aircraft fuel systems that is non existent in current literature
  • Includes specific fuel system design examples that illustrate the applications presented throughout.

    Taal / Language : English


    List of Acronyms

    Series Preface

    1 Introduction

    1.1 Review of Fuel Systems Issues

    1.2 The Fuel System Design and Development Process

    1.3 Fuel System Examples and Future Technologies

    1.4 Terminology

    2 Fuel System Design Drivers

    2.1 Design Drivers

    2.2 Identification and Mitigation of Safety Risks

    3 Fuel Storage

    3.1 Tank Geometry and Location Issues for Commercial Aircraft

    3.2 Operational Considerations

    3.3 Fuel Tank Venting

    3.4 Military Aircraft Fuel Storage Issues

    3.5 Maintenance Considerations

    4 Fuel System Functions of Commercial Aircraft

    4.1 Refueling and Defueling

    4.2 Engine and APU Feed

    4.3 Fuel Transfer

    4.4 Fuel Jettison

    4.5 Fuel Quantity Gauging

    4.6 Fuel Management and Control

    4.7 Ancillary Systems

    5 Fuel System Functions of Military Aircraft and Helicopters

    5.1 Refueling and Defueling

    5.2 Engine and APU Feed

    5.3 Fuel Transfer

    5.4 Aerial Refueling

    5.5 Fuel Measurement and Management Systems in Military Applications

    5.6 Helicopter Fuel Systems

    6 Fluid Mechanical Equipment

    6.1 Ground Refueling and Defueling Equipment

    6.2 Fuel Tank Venting and Pressurization Equipment

    6.3 Aerial Refueling Equipment

    6.4 Equipment Sizing

    6.5 Fuel Pumps

    7 Fuel Measurement and Management Equipment

    7.1 Fuel Gauging Sensor Technology

    7.2 Harnesses

    7.3 Avionics Equipment

    8 Fuel Properties

    8.1 The Refinement Process

    8.2 Fuel Specification Properties of Interest

    8.3 Operational Considerations

    9 Intrinsic Safety, Electro Magnetics and Electrostatics

    9.1 Intrinsic Safety

    9.2 Lightning

    9.3 EMI/HIRF

    10 Fuel Tank Inerting

    10.1 Early Military Inerting Systems

    10.2 Current Technology Inerting Systems

    10.3 Design Considerations for Open Vent Systems

    10.4 Operational Issues with Permeable Membrane Inerting Systems

    11 Design Development and Certification

    11.1 Evolution of the Design and Development Process

    11.2 System Design and Development a Disciplined Methodology

    11.3 Program Management

    11.4 Maturity Management

    11.5 Installation Considerations

    11.6 Modeling and Simulation

    11.7 Certification

    11.8 Fuel System Icing Tests

    12 Fuel System Design Examples

    12.1 The Bombardier Global Express

    12.2 Embraer 170/190 Regional Jet

    12.3 The Boeing 777 Wide Bodied Airliner

    12.4 The Airbus A380 Wide Bodied Airliner

    12.5 The Anglo French Concorde

    13 New and Future Technologies

    13.1 Fuel Measurement and Management

    13.2 Fluid Mechanical Equipment Technology

    13.3 Aerial Refueling Operations



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    366 pagina's
    Januari 2009
    748 gram
    254 x 171 x 25 mm
    Wiley-Blackwell us

    Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen