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Ladefoged, Peter

Phonetic Data Analysis

An Introduction to Fieldwork and Instrumental Techniques

€ 137.50

Phonetic Data Analysis examines the procedures involved in describing the sounds of a language and illustrates the basic techniques of experimental phonetics, most of them requiring little more than a tape recorder, a video camera, and a computer.

Taal / Language : English



1. Recording The Sounds Of A Language:.

Deciding What To Record.

Finding Speakers.

Recording Systems.

Making A Recording.

Digital Recording.

Listening To Recordings.

Field Notes.

Instrumental Phonetic Techniques.

2. Finding The Places Of Articulation:.

Still And Video Photography.

Basic Palatography.

More Elaborate Palatography.


Further Reading.

3. Aerodynamic Investigations:.

Recording Air Pressure And Airflow.

Measuring Air Pressure And Airflow.

Interpreting Aerodynamic Records.

Quantifying Nasalization.

Phonation Types.


Further Reading.

4. Pitch, Loudness And Length:.

Pitch Analysis.

Interpreting Pitch Curves.

Loudness, Intensity And Stress.

Waveforms And The Measurement Of Duration.

Further Reading.

5. Characterizing Vowels:.

Sound Spectrograms.


Vowel Charts.

Nasalized Vowels.

Further Reading.

6. Acoustic Analysis Of Consonants:.

Waveforms, Spectrograms And Duration Measurements.

Spectral Characteristics Of Nasals, Laterals, Approximants And Trills.

Fricatives And Stop Bursts.

Spectrograms And Place Of Articulation.

Spectrograms And Articulatory Movements.

Further Reading.

7. Acoustic Analysis Of Phonation Types:.

Waveforms Of Different Glottal States.

Spectral Characteristics Of Phonation Types.

Further Reading.

8. Coda:.

A General Purpose Phonetics Laboratory.

More Elaborate Instrumental Phonetic Techniques.

Saying Goodbye To Fieldwork.

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210 pagina's
Januari 2003
454 gram
229 x 152 x 19 mm
John Wiley and Sons Ltd us

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