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Kuz`min, Alexander G

Boundary Value Problems for Transonic Flow

€ 233.95

Transonic air flow, the air buffeting an object as it approaches and crosses the sound barrier, can also cause it to spin out of control. Considering the effect of such high speed air flows on vehicles ultimately led to the design of supersonic aircraft.

Taal / Language : English

1. Linear Partial Differential Equations of Mixed Type.

Solvability of a Basic Boundary Value Problem.

Equation of the Elliptic Hyperbolic Type.

Equation of the Hyperbolic Elliptic Type.

Equation with a Local Hyperbolic Subdomain.

Other Developments.

The Tricomi Equation.

2. Flow That Accelerates from Subsonic to Supersonic Velocity in a Channel.

A Uniqueness Theorem.

Solvability of a Nonlinear Pertubation Problem.

The Full Potential and the Chaplygin Euqations.

Finite Element Solutions.

Unsteady Inviscid Flow.

Finite Difference Schemes.

Acoustical Oscillations in Transonic Flow.

Nonisentropic Flow.

Flow with a Local Region of Deceleration.

3. Flow with a Local Supersonic Region.

Particular Smooth Solutions and Shockless Airfoils.

A Modification of the Frankl Problem.

Concepts of the Arising of Shock Waves.

Flow with a Local Supersonic Region over a Porous Boundary.

Flow that Decelerates from Supersonic to Subsonic Velocities.

FE and FE Treastment of Flow with Shock Waves.

Viscous Transonic Flow.

4. Numerical Simulation of Transonic Flow Patterns.

Formation of Shock Waves in the Local Supersonic Region.

Inrteraction of a Shock Wave with the Sonic Line.

Off design Conditions and Flow Control.

Unsteady Transonic Flow.

Other Studies Concerned with a Flow Structure.

Nonunique Numerical Solutions.

Appendix A
Boundary Value Problem with a Damping Condition

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316 pagina's
Januari 2002
646 gram
234 x 159 x 24 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen