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Krivit, Steven

Nuclear Energy Encyclopedia

Science, Technology, and Applications

€ 288.30

The A-to-Z reference resource for nuclear energy informationA significant milestone in the history of nuclear technology, Nuclear Energy Encyclopedia: Science, Technology, a

Taal / Language : English

Fission Glossary and Acronyms (K. Anatharaman, P. R. Vasudeva Rao, Carlos H. Castaño, Roger Henning).

Fusion Glossary and Acronyms (Lester M. Waganer).

General Concepts.

1. Nuclear Energy: Past, Present And Future (Jay Lehr).

2. Benefits and Role of Nuclear Power (Patrick Moore).

3. Early History of Nuclear Energy (Roger Tilbrook).

4. Early Commercial Development of Nuclear Energy (Roger Tilbrook).

5. Basic Concepts of Thermonuclear Fusion (Laila A. El-Guebaly).

6. Basic Concepts of Nuclear Fission (Pavel V. Tsvetkov).

7. Okla natural fission reactor (L. V. Krishnan).

8. Nuclear Energy for Electrical Generation (Pavel V. Tsvetkov and David E. Ames II).

9. Nuclear Energy for Water Desalination (Saly T. Panicker and P. K. Tewari).

10. Nuclear Energy for Hydrogen Generation (Alister I. Miller).

Nuclear Fission.

11. Uranium-Plutonium Nuclear Fuel Cycle (Shoaib Usman).

12. Global Perspective on Thorium fuel (K. Anantharaman and P. R. Vasudeva Rao).

13. Design Principles of Nuclear Materials (Baldev Raj and M. Vijayalakshmi ).

14. Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Safety of Nuclear Fission Reactors: Learning from Accidents (Carlos H. Castaño).

15. Accidents (José Marques).

16. Spent Fuel and Waste Disposal (Clifford Singer and William R. Roy).

17. Fission Energy Usage - Statistical and Projections (Pavel V. Tsvetkov).

Fission: Broad Application Reactor Technology.

18. Light Water Moderated Fission Reactor Technology (J`Tia Taylor).

19. CANSU Pressurized Heavy-Water Nuclear Reactors (Rusi P. Taleyarkhan).

20. Carbon/graphite-moderated Fission Reactor Technology (Pavel V. Tsvetkov).

21. Status of Fast Reactors (Baldev Raj and P. Chellapandi).

22. Review of Generation-III/III+ Fission Reactor s (José Marques).

23. Tomorrows Hope For A Pebble Bed Nuclear Reactor (Jay Lehr).

24. Hydrogeology and Nuclear Energy (Roger J. Henning).

Fission: Gen IV Reactor Technology.

25. Introduction to Generation-IV Fission Reactors (Harold McFarlane).

26. The Very High Temperature Reactor (Hans D. Gougar).

27. Supercritical Water Reactor: The Potential Use of Supercritical Water-Cooling in Nuclear  (James R. Wolf).

28. Reactors (Igor Pioro).

29. Gen-IV Gas-Cooled Fast Reactor (J`Tia Taylor).

30. Gen-IV Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactors (Robert N. Hill, Christopher Grandy, Hussein Khalil).

Thermonuclear Fusion.

31. Historical Origins and Development of Fusion Research (Stephen O. Dean).

32. Plasma Physics and Engineering (Francesco Romanelli).

33. Fusion Technology (Lester M. Waganer).

34. ITER - An Essential and Challenging Step to Fusion Energy (Charles C. Baker).

35. Power Plant Projects (Laila A. El-Guebaly).

36. Safety and Environmental Features (Lee Cadwallader and Laila A. El-Guebaly).

37. Inertial Fusion Energy Technology (Rokaya A. Al-Ayat, Edward I. Moses, and Rose A. Hansen).

38. Hybrid Nuclear Reactors (Jose M. Martinez-Val, Mireia Piera, Alberto Abánades, Antonio Lafuente).

39. Fusion Maintenance Systems (Lester M. Waganer).

40. Fusion Economics (Lester M. Wafaner).

Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions.

41. Development of Low-Energy Nuclear Reaction Research (Steven B. Krivit).

42. Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions: A Three-Stage Historical Perspective (Leonid I. Urutskoev).

43. Low-Energy Nuclear Transmutations (Mahadeva Srinivasan, George Miley and Edmund Storms).

44. Wisdom-Larsen Theory: Possible Explanation of LENR (Joseph M. Zawodny and Steven B. Krivit).

45. Potential Applications of LENR (Winthrop Williams and Joseph M. Zawodny).

Other Concepts.

46. Acoustic Inertial Confinement Nuclear Fusion (Rusi P. Taleyarkhan, Richard T. Lahey, Jr., and R. I. Nigmatulin).

47. Direct Energy Conversion Concepts (Pavel V. Tsvetkov).
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624 pagina's
Januari 2011
1796 gram
287 x 222 x 36 mm
John Wiley & Sons Inc us

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