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Kunstuitingen: Tekenen, schilderen, muziek, architectuur..
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Frank J. Korom

The Anthropology of Performance

A Reader

€ 144.05

This book presents the theories, methods, and practices of performance in cultures around the globe. It describes the range of human expression through performance and explore the role of performance in constructing identity, community, globalization and transnationalism.

Taal / Language : English

Introduction Toward an Anthropology of Performance Frank J. Korom I. Performance in Prehistory and Antiquity 1. “Singing the Rug: Patterned Textiles and the Origins of Indo-European Metrical Poetry Anthony Tuck 2. Performance and Written Literature in Classical Greece Rosalind Thomas II. Verbal Genres of Performance 3. Playing the Dozens Roger A. Abrahams 4. The La Have Island General Store: Sociability and Verbal Art in a Nova Scotia Community R. Bauman 5. Proverbs and the Ethnography of Speaking E. O. Arewa and A. Dundes 6. Gbaya Riddles in Changing Times P. A. Noss 7. Shadows of Song: Exploring Research and Performance Strategies in Yolngu Women’s Crying Songs Fiona Magowan III. Ritual, Drama, and Public Spectacle 8. Prayer as Person: The Performative Force in Navajo Prayer Acts Sam D. Gill 9. Performance and the Cultural Construction of Reality E. L. Schieffelin 10. He Should Have Worn a Sari Joyce Flueckiger 11. Representing History: Performing the Columbian Exposition R. K. Bank 12. The Palio of Siena: Performance and Process A. P. Logan IV. Performance and Politics in the Making of Communities   13. Poetry and Politics in a Transylvanian Village G. Kligman 14. The Matter of Talk: Political Performance in Bhatgaon D. Brenneis 15. Celebrating Cricket: The Symbolic Construction of Caribbean Politics F. E. Manning 16. Performing the Nation: China’s Children as Little Red Pioneers T. W. Woronov V. Tourist Performances and the Global Ecumene 17. The Promise of Sonic Translation: Performing the Festive Sacred in Morocco Deborah Kapchan 18. Ethnic Tourism in Hokkaido and the Shaping of Ainu Identity Lisa Hiwasaki 19. What They Came With: Carnival and the Persistence of African Performance Aesthetics in the Diaspora Esiaba Irobi 20. Global Breakdancing and the Intercultural Body Halifu Osumare
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304 pagina's
Januari 2013
626 gram
254 x 178 x 20 mm
John Wiley & Sons gb

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen