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Kerzner, Harold Kerzner`s Project Management Logic Puzzles
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Kerzner, Harold

Kerzner`s Project Management Logic Puzzles

€ 28.95

Can the guru of project management stump you?

Harold Kerzner has been a logic puzzle enthusiast for more than twenty years. In that time, he s found that not only do these brainteasers test his intellectual abilities, but they also improve his decision and problem solving skills on the job.

Taal / Language : English


How to Solve Logic Puzzles.

1. Reports and Reports.

2. Types of Contracts.

3. Redesigning a Component.

4. The Unfortunate Overruns.

5. Training People in the PMBOK Guide 2000.

6. Rewarding Project Team Members.

7. Understanding the Domain Areas.

8. The PMO Organizational Structure.

9. The Mysterious Network Diagram.

10. The Incomplete Status Report.

11. Project Failures.

12. The Training Programs.

13. Another Mysterious Network Diagram.

14. Yet Another Mysterious Network Diagram.

15. Congratulating the New PMPs.

16. Six Sigma Achievement Awards.

17. A Problem with Procurement.

18. Briefing the Project Team.

19. Who Sits in Each Office?

20. Once More! Who Sits in Each Office?

21. Quality Control Reporting.

22. The PMP® Testing Center.

23. Integration Management (PMBOK® Guide 2004).

24. Scope Management (PMBOK Guide 2004).

25. Time Management (PMBOK Guide 2004).

26. Cost Management (PMBOK Guide 2004).

27. Risk Management (PMBOK Guide 2004).

28. Procurement Management (PMBOK Guide 2004).

29. Human Resource Management (PMBOK Guide 2004).

30. Communications Management (PMBOK Guide 2004).

31. Quality Management (PMBOK Guide 2004).

32. The Project Team Meeting.

33. The PM Software Exhibitors Booths.

34. Academic Challenge for the PMPs.

35. Attending the Safety Briefing.

36. Assigning Offices.

37. Positioning the Quality Awards.

38. Recognition for Safety Adherence.

39. The Company Briefcases.

40. Offices for the Project Sponsors.

41. The Environmental Testing Laboratories.

42. The Bidders Conference.

43. The Train Ride to Work.

44. Customer Shipping.

45. The Luncheon Meeting.

46. Security Check In.

47. Customer Representatives.

48. Executive Excellence.

49. Project Team Housing.

50. Flying to the Customer.

51. Teaching the Domain Areas of the PMBOK Guide.

52. Capacity Planning.

53. Life Cycle Phases.

54. Reporting Gifts Received.

55. Taking Vacation.

56. Meeting with the Customer.

57. Report Writing.

58. Bringing Home Gifts.

59. Positioning the Team.

60. The Coloring Problem.

61. Chewing Out the Project Managers.

62. Assigning the Machinists.

63. The Disastrous Critical Path.

64. The Executive Levels.

65. The Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM).

66. The Earned Value Measurement Report.

67. The Family Owned Business.

68. The Drafting Projects.

69. Hiring a New PMP.

70. Working during Plant Closing.

71. The Quality Problem.

72. Business Cards.

73. The Textbook Auction.

74. The Project Party.

75. Recognizing the New Chapter Officers.

76. The Company Picnic.

77. Contributions to Profitability.

78. On the Job Training.

79. Quality Control Testing.

80. The PM Software Exhibitors Booths.

81. Planning Meeting versus Slippages.

82. Customer Presentations.

83. Archiving the Project Data.

84. The Promotion Luncheon.

85. Military Decorations.

86. The Dinner Meeting.

87. Briefing the Team.

88. The Project Management Golf Outing.

89. The Train Ride to Work.

90. The Six Sigma Quality Awards.

91. Talking about Retirement.

92. Picture on the Cover.

93. Using the Company Cars.

94. Reporting Quality Defects.

95. Promotions.

96. Who Worked How Many Hours?

97. The Team Meeting Seating Arrangement.

98. Raising Money For Charity.

99. Longevity Awards.

100. Parking Spaces for Project Managers.

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Paperback / softback
240 pagina's
Januari 2006
249 gram
210 x 133 x 19 mm
John Wiley & Sons us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen