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Keller, Edward A. Essential Environmental Science
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Keller, Edward A., Botkin, Daniel B.

Essential Environmental Science

€ 265.95

Essential Environmental Science provides a non quantitative approach that is based on principles, critical thinking and the big questions that are driving the field today. It offers a condensed look at the field, covering topics in way that will help readers answer the "big questions.

Taal / Language : English

Chapter 1: Fundamental Issues in Environmental Science
• Big Question: Why Is Science Necessary to Solve Environmental Problems?
Chapter 2: Human Population Growth
• Big Question: Why Is it the Underlying Environmental Problem?
Chapter 3: Biogeochemical Cycles
• Big Question: Why Are They Essential to Long-Term Life on Earth?
Chapter 4: Ecosystems
• Big Question: What Is Necessary to Sustain Life on Earth?
Chapter 5: Biological Diversity
• Big Question: Can We Save Endangered Species and Keep Biological Diversity High?
Chapter 6: Restoration Ecology
• Big Question: Can We Restore Damaged Ecosystems?
Chapter 7: Forests and Wildlife
• Big Question: Can We Have Them and Use Them Too?
Chapter 8: Environmental Health, Pollution and Toxicology
• Big Question: Why Are Even Tiny Amounts of Pollutants a Major Concern?
Chapter 9: Agriculture and Environment
• Big Question: Can We Feed the World Without Destroying the Environment?
Chapter 10: Energy and the Environment
• Big Question: Can We Assure a Sustainable Supply of Energy?
Chapter 11: Water and the Environment
• Big Question: Can We Maintain Our Water Resources for Future Generations?
Chapter 12: Oceans and the Environment
• Big Question: Can We Learn to Manage the Oceans’ Resources?
Chapter 13: Earth’s Atmosphere and Climate
• Big Question: Is Global Warming Happening and Are We Part of the Problem?
Chapter 14: Air Pollution and the Environment
•Big Question: Why Is Air Pollution in Cities Still Such a Big Problem?
Chapter 15: Minerals and the Environment
•Big Question: Is It Possible to Use Nonrenewable Mineral Resources Sustainably?
Chapter 16: Waste Management
• Big Question: Is Zero Waste Possible?
Chapter 17: Natural Hazards
• Big Question: Why Are More Hazards Becoming Disasters and Catastrophes?
  Chapter 18: Environmental Economics
• Big Question: Can We Put a Price on Scenic Beauty, Endangered Species, and the Quality of Life?
Chapter 19: Planning for a Sustainable Future
• Big Question: Can We Plan and Achieve a Future “Ecotopia”?
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Paperback / softback
480 pagina's
Januari 2007
844 gram
279 x 216 x 19 mm
John Wiley & Sons us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen