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Kevin P. Kearns,Private Sector Strategies for Social Sector Success
Private Sector Strategies for Social Sector Success
The Guide to Strategy and Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations
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Today, perhaps more than ever before, public and nonprofit organizations are using strategic management methods to ensure their survival in a volatile and competitive environment. In addition to being committed to mission and values, they are paying greater attention to customers, portfolio analysis, profit margins, and return on investment. Until recently, business concepts were not part of the public and nonprofit vocabulary. Now, they have become standard practices for many public agencies and nonprofit organizations.This practical guide offers a realistic approach to strategic management, while borrowing from the most helpful and relevant business ideas, allows the public or nonprofit organization to achieve success without compromising its unique mission or constituency. Executives, managers, and policymakers will find key principles for everyday application, including how to:

  • Identify trAnds that will most affect programs and services
  • Assess the organization s core strengths and competencies
  • Select strategies that advance the mission while building operational success
  • Explore opportunities for collaborations with other organizations
  • Encourage a culture of strategic thought and action
Throughout this innovative guide, there are numerous illustrations and examples of how to apply the most appropriate technique to a particular need or goal. At last, public and nonprofit organizations have a real world guide to finding lasting success. [BACK JACKET] "Kevin Kearns provides a well structured overview of fundamental strategic options that leaders need to consider in shaping the destiny of their organizations and of individual programs and services. He offers busy nonprofit executives a practical, readable, and useful framework for strategic thinking."—Margaret Tyndall, chief executive officer, YWCA of Greater Pittsburgh" Kearns has demystified strategic planning in the private sector and made its best attributes useful to public a

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