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Kay, William

Pet Loss and Human Bereavement

€ 49.95

Describes the grieving process that occurs when people lose pets and suggests ways of helping individuals to cope.

Taal / Language : English

Foreword (William J. Kay).

Preface (William J. Kay, Austin H. Kutscher).

I: The Human/Companion Animal Bond.

1. The Moral Status of Animals (Bernard E. Rollin).

2. Pet Animals and Human Well being (M.W. Fox).

3. Health Consequences of Pet Ownership (Erika Friedmann, Aaron A. Katcher, Sue A. Thomas, James J. Lynch).

4. Nonconventional Human/Companion Animal Bonds (James M. Harris).

5. When Pet Animals Die (Jacob Antelyes).

6. Population Aspects of Animal Mortality (Alan M. Beck).

II: The Grieving Human Companion.

7. Grief at the Loss of a Pet ( Boris M. Levinson).

8. Psychosocial Aspects of bereavement (Herbert A. Nieburg).

9. Relief and Prevention of Grief (Leo K. Bustad, Linda M. Hines).

10. Healing Emotionally Disturbed Children Cope with Loss of a Pet (Mary Link).

11. Development of a Social Work Service to Deal with Grief after Loss of a Pet (Eleanor L. Ryder).

12. Social Work in a Veterinary Hospital: Response to Owner Grief Reactions, (Jamie Quackenbush).

13. Illness and Death of Pets: Role of the Human Health Care Team (Michael J. McCulloch).

III: Veterinary Medicine Perspectives.

14. The Human/Animal Bond Revisited (Esther Braun).

15. Clinical Aspects of Grief Associated with Loss of a Pet: A Veterinarian s View (Marc A. Rosenberg).

16. Role of the Animal Health Technician in Consoling Bereaved Clients (Sally Oblas Walshaw).

17. Owner/Pet Attachment Despite Behavior Problems (Victoria L. Voith).

18. Owner/Pet Pathologic Attachment: The Veterinarian s Nightmare (E.K. Rynearson).

19. Death of Pets Owned by the Elderly: Implications for Veterinary Practice (George Paulus, John C. Thrush, Cyrus S. Stewart, Patrick Hafner).

20. Psychosocial Model of Veterinary Practice, William H. Sullivan, Carole E. Fudin).

21. Family Psychotherapy Methodology: A Model for Veterinarians and Clinicians (D.T. Wessels Jr.).

22. Epilogue: A Historical Perspective, (Egilde Seravalli).


Extra informatie: 
Paperback / softback
198 pagina's
Januari 1984
295 gram
222 x 146 x 19 mm
Iowa State University Press us

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