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    Kathleen Taylor-Bennett,Human Emotions
    Human Emotions
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    The inspiration behind this book of poetry comes from true life feelings; some personal and some witnessed. Without the intention of offending, I believe in the honest expression of feelings that life creates and I believe this book of poetry reflects a lot of those emotions good, bad and inspirational. This poetry also reflects some of the ways we really feel but are all too often afraid or embarrassed to express. While life in itself can be good, it can also sometimes be a challenge and what we say and feel at times isn`t always roses and can be ugly and hateful. Poetry, for me, is about every aspect of life and I would like to share some of the experiences of mine with the world and hopefully for every reader out there, there is atleast one poem within that will stir memories and emotions or touch the heart.

    Taal / Language : English

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