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Athanasios K. Karamalidis

Surface Complexation Modeling: Gibbsite

€ 213.95

"Whether interested in making practical thermodynamic calculations, or in reflecting on the fundamental nature of the interactions at interfaces, we should be thankful to Athanasios Karamalidis and David Dzombak for this new opus."
—From the Foreword by FranÇois M. M. Morel, Albert G. Blank Jr. Professor of Geosciences, Princeton University

An important guide to the theory and practical application of surface complexation modeling for metal ion sorption on gibbsite

This insightful and pioneering work is a state-of-the-art, and practical treatise of surface complexation modeling of metal ion sorption on an important hydrous aluminum oxide—gibbsite—the most common form of aluminum oxide found in nature and one of the most abundant minerals in soils, sediments, and natural water.

Providing a synopsis of aluminum oxide forms and a clearly defined nomenclature for this class of minerals, Surface Complexation Modeling: Gibbsite uses the generalized two-layer surface complexation model, and demonstrates how to conduct mechanistic yet practical modeling of the sorption of metal ions and other inorganic species on hydrous metal oxides. Building on and extending to gibbsite the classic related work on hydrous ferric oxide by Dzombak and Morel, published in 1990, this book:

  • Presents a clarifying nomenclature for aluminum oxide minerals
  • Provides a detailed look at the physical and chemical mechanisms responsible for the sorption of solutes on oxidic mineral surfaces
  • Develops and presents a database for the modeling of metal cations and anions on gibbsite
  • Gives a comparison of constants extracted from data for sorption on gibbsite with the constants determined previously for hydrous ferric oxide, the iron oxide goethite, and hydrous manganese oxide
  • Presents a methodology for estimating surface complexation constants for ions for which sorption data are limited

By bringing together and synthesizing available data and modeling methods for sorption on gibbsite, the authors present tools that will aid the study of the surface chemistry of this highly prolific, and extremely important, mineral, and will facilitate the practical application of surface complexation modeling.

Taal / Language : English



CHAPTER 1 Aluminum Oxides and Hydroxides under Environmental Conditions.


1.1 Occurrence of Aluminum Oxides and Hydroxides in the Subsurface.

1.2 Occurrence of Aluminum Oxides and Hydroxides in Surface Water.

1.3 Use of Aluminum Hydroxide in Water Treatment.

1.4 Summary.

CHAPTER Formation and Properties of Gibbsite and closely related minerals.

2. Formation and properties of Gibbsite and closely related minerals.

2.1 Al Polymerization Models.

2.2 Formation of Gibbsite and Other Al Hydroxides and Oxyhydroxides.

2.3 Aluminum Hydroxide Polymorphs: Structure and Nomenclature.

2.4 Gibbsite.

2.5 Bayerite.

2.6 Nordstrandite.

2.7 Doyleite.

2.8 Other forms of aluminum oxides and oxyhydroxides.

2.9 Other forms that manufactured under high temperature and pressure.

CHAPTER 3 Types of Available Data.

3.1 Gibbsite Structure Verification.

3.2 Physical Chemical Properties.

3.3 Acid Base Titration Data.

3.4 Cation and Anion Sorption Data.

3.5 Spectroscopic Data for Sorption on Gibbsite.

3.6 Proton Release/Uptake Data.

3.7 Electrokinetic Data.

3.8 Summary.

CHAPTER 4 Data Compilation and Treatment Methods.

4.1 Collection of data.

4.2 Assessment of Data Quality.

4.3 Compilation of Surface Properties.

4.4 Extraction of Equilibrium Sorption Constants.

4.5 Optimal Fit Simulations.

4.6 Presentation of Results.

CHAPTER 5 Surface Properties of Gibbsite.

5.1 Surface Area.

5.2 Site Density.

5.3 Point of Zero Charge.

5.4 Surface Acid Base Chemistry.

5.5 Effects of Dissolution on Gibbsite Surface Acid Base Chemistry.

5.6 Summary.

CHAPTER 6 Cation Sorption on Gibbsite.

6.1 Modeling Methodology and Reactions.

6.2 Available Spectroscopic Data and Use in Modeling.

6.3 Copper.

6.4 Lead.

6.5 Cobalt.

6.6 Cadmium.

6.7 Manganese.

6.8 Iron.

6.9 Calcium.

6.10 Zinc.

6.11 Mercury.

6.12 Uranium.

6.13 Thorium.

CHAPTER 7 Anion Sorption on Gibbsite.

7.1 Modeling Methodology and Reactions.

7.2 Available Spectroscopic Data and Use in Modeling.

7.3 Phosphate.

7.4 Arsenate.

7.5 Arsenite.

7.6 Molybdate.

7.7 Selenate.

7.8 Chromate.

7.9 Borate.

7.10 Sulfate.

7.11 Fluoride.

7.12 Silicate.

CHAPTER 8 Coherence and Extrapolation of Results.

8.1 Cation Sorption on Gibbsite.

8.2 Anion Sorption on Gibbsite.

8.3 Comparison of Gibbsite surface complexation constants with those of Goethite, Hydrous Ferric Oxide and Hydrous Manganese Oxide.

8.4 Summary.


APPENDIX A. Summary of Experimental Details.
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Januari 2010
566 gram
240 x 164 x 20 mm
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