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    Jefferson Bryant,Chevy Differentials How to Rebuild the 10- and 12-Bolt
    Chevy Differentials How to Rebuild the 10- and 12-Bolt
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    Millions of Chevy 10- and 12-bolt axles were installed on GM vehicles. In addition, the Chevy 10- and 12-bolts are the high-performance and limited-slip differentials of choice for GM muscle cars. These high-performance differentials were installed on Camaros, Chevelles, Corvettes, and many other GM muscle cars from 1964 to 1972, as well as many trucks.

    The Chevy 10-bolts with 8.5-inch ring gears are exceptional high-performance rear differentials and capably handle high-horsepower engines. Many owners need to rebuild high-mileage, worn-out, or damaged axle assemblies in their favorite vehicle. Some may find a used axle assembly, rebuild it, and install it in a vehicle for a high-performance upgrade while others may fit an aftermarket Chevy 12-bolt differential to a vehicle for racing and high-performance use. This book serves all these owners.

    In this step-by-step guide, author Jefferson Bryant explains and shows how to disassemble, identify, inspect, select parts for, and reassemble the axle assembly.

    Whether your vehicle is for high-performance street, off-road, street/strip, or racing, the Chevy 10- and 12-bolt axle assemblies are a top choice for GM and non-GM muscle cars and trucks. This is the only book dedicated to rebuilding, setting up, and tuning these axle assemblies for long service life and maximum performance.

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