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Biologie algemeen

Jules Janick

Horticultural Reviews

€ 226.05

Horticultural Reviews presents state-of-the-art reviews on topics in horticultural science and technology covering both basic and applied research. Topics covered include the horticulture of fruits, vegetables, nut crops, and ornamentals.

Taal / Language : English

Contributors ix

Dedication: Cary A. Mitchell xiii
Robert J. Joly

1. Identification of Phytomorphs in the Voynich Codex 1
Arthur O. Tucker and Jules Janick

I. Introduction and Historical Context 4

II. Phytomorph Identification 5

III. Sources and Techniques 58

Acknowledgments 60

Literature Cited 60

2. Urban Agriculture: Environmental, Economic, and Social Perspectives 65
Steve Hallett, Lori Hoagland, and Emily Toner

I. Introduction 66

II. Historical Perspectives 68

III. Global Perspectives 72

IV. The Three Pillars of Sustainability 82

V. New Technologies 98

VI. Urban Agriculture and Food Systems 104

VII. Conclusions 107

Literature Cited 109

3. The Floriculture Vegetative Cutting Industry 121
James E. Faust, John M. Dole, and Roberto G. Lopez

I. Scope of the Industry 123

II. Stock-Plant Production 126

III. Postharvest Handling and Physiology 137

IV. Cutting Management and Propagation 148

V. Case Studies 155

VI. Future Directions 162

Literature Cited 165

4. Orchid Biotechnology 173
Wagner A. Vendrame and Amir A. Khoddamzadeh

I. Introduction 175

II. In Vitro Propagation Technology 178

III. Bioreactor Technology 193

IV. Synthetic Seed Technology (Synseed) 195

V. Cryopreservation Technology 198

VI. Summary and Conclusions 210

Literature Cited 211

5. Chilling Injury in Tomato Fruit 229
Palash Biswas, Andrew R. East, Errol W. Hewett, and Julian A. Heyes

I. Introduction 231

II. Chilling Injury in Fruit 232

III. Chilling Injury Symptoms in Tomato 241

IV. Time Temperature Thresholds for CI Symptoms 259

V. Concluding Remarks 264

Acknowledgment 265

Literature Cited 265

6. Oomycete Diseases of Cucurbits: History, Significance, and Management 279
Mohammad Babadoost

I. Introduction 281

II. Oomycetes 282

III. Oomycete Diseases of Cucurbits and their Management 288

IV. Concluding Remarks 304

Literature Cited 306

7. Huanglongbing: Devastating Disease of Citrus 315
Greg McCollum and Elizabeth Baldwin

I. Introduction to Citrus 317

II. Huanglongbing Disease 319

III. Changes Induced by CLas Infection 328

IV. Management Strategies to Minimize or Prevent HLB Disease 336

V. HLB Effects on Flavor and Postharvest Quality 345

VI. Conclusions 350

Literature Cited 352

8. Scab and Fire Blight of Apple: Issues in Integrated Pest Management 363
Janna L. Beckerman and George W. Sundin

I. Introduction 364

II. IPM and Apple Scab 366

III. IPM and Fire Blight 375

IV. Conclusions and Future Trends 383

Acknowledgments 384

Literature Cited 385

Subject Index 391

Cumulative Subject Index 393

Cumulative Contributor Index 429

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460 pagina's
Januari 2016
870 gram
236 x 160 x 28 mm
John Wiley and Sons Ltd gb

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