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Sport en spel
Sport en spel algemeen
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Isler, Peter

Peter Isler`s Little Blue Book of Sailing Secrets, Tactics, Tips, and Observations

€ 21.95

From one of the world`s most respected sailors-the knowledge and secrets every sailor needs

Peter Isler, two-time America`s Cup winner, has sailed in and won hundreds of races over the last forty years.

Taal / Language : English


My Little Blue Book.

The Rules.

Have Fun.

Leading a Team.

The Fine Art of Jury-Rigging.

Racer`s Rules` Roy Disney.

Sport Psychology 101.

Sea Story #1: Headed for the Reef.

In Buddy Meles`s Words.

Preparing to Race.

How to Read the Wind.

Feel the Heel.

Getting 110 Percent.

Extreme Conditions.


Sail Trim.

Why I Sail.

Make a Commitment to the Commitment.

Bird`s-Eye View.

Sharing the Love.

Is the Race Over or Not?


Racer`s Rules: Dennis Conner.

Hitting the Corner.

Sails-Your Powerplant.

The Inner Game.

Salty Sea Stories.

Always Carry a Knife.

Just for the Fun of It.


Racer`s Rules: Tom Whidden.


Local Knowledge.

Sailing at Night.

The Physics of Sailing.

In Jonathan McKee`s Words.



How to Be the Ultimate Shipmate/Crew.

Getting a Jump on the Competition.


Racer`s Rules: Chuck Robinson.

Choosing the Right Crew.

Integrity (May Be Your Best Friend).

Learning from Your Mistakes.

Defending Against the Mighty Psych-Out.

Top-5 Sailing Mistakes.

Dealing with Fast-Changing Conditions.

Sea Story #2: My Near-Death Experience.

Finding Clear Air.


What`s in My Sea Bag.

How I Lead.

Staying Warm If Not Dry.

Keep Your Boat Moving.

Keep It Simple Sailor.

Getting Kids into Sailing.

In John Bertrand`s Words.

Choosing the Right Sail.

3 Essential Knots.

Copy the Experts.

My Gurus and Mentors.

Taking Your Boat to the Edge.

Weather Signs.

Racer`s Rules: John Thomson.

Living the Dream.

Sailing in Waves.

Maintaining Your Boat.

My 5 Favorite Places to Sail.

Souping up Your Boat.

Tragedy Hits Home.

Checking Your Ego at the Dock.

The Perfect Maneuver.

Doing Your Homework.

Keys to Boat Speed.

Short-Handed Sailing.

In Ben Ainslie`s Words.

Making Practice Count.

The Power of Tradition.

Smooth Sailing.

Struck in a Big Hole.

Getting Your Head in the Game.

The Mythical Perfect Boat.

Making the Move at the Corner.

Positive Thinking.

The Best Sailing Joke.



Safety (Part II).

Maintaining Yourself.

Used Car Salesmanship.

Revel in the Routine.

Sailing on a Wing.

Sea Story #3: Winning the Cup.

In Larry Ellison`s Words.

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186 pagina's
Januari 2011
340 gram
223 x 147 x 20 mm

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen