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Hong, Jia-Sheng

Microstrip Filters for RF/Microwave Applications

€ 194.95

The first edition of “Microstrip Filters for RF/Microwave Applications” was published in 2001. Over the years the book has been well received and is used extensively in both academia and industry by microwave researchers and engineers.   From its inception as a manuscript the book is almost 8 years old.

Taal / Language : English

Preface to the Second Edition.

Preface to the First Edition.

1. Introduction.

2. Network Analysis.

2.1 Network Variables.

2.2 Scattering Parameters.

2.3 Short-Circuit Admittance Parameters.

2.4 Open-Circuit Impedance Parameters.

2.5 ABCD Parameters.

2.6 Transmission Line Networks.

2.7 Network Connections.

2.8 Network Parameter Conversions.

2.9 Symmetrical Network Analysis.

2.10 Multi-Port Networks.

2.11 Equivalent and Dual Networks.

2.12 Multi-Mode Networks.


3. Basic Concepts and Theories of Filters.

3.1 Transfer Functions.

3.2 Lowpass Prototype Filters and Elements.

3.3 Frequency and Element Transformations.

3.4 Immittance Inverters.

3.5 Richards` Transformation and Kuroda Identities.

3.6 Dissipation and Unloaded Quality Factor.


4. Transmission Lines and Components.

4.1 Microstrip Lines.

4.2 Coupled Lines.

4.3 Discontinuities and Components.

4.4 Other types of Microstrip Lines.

4.5 Coplanar Waveguide (CPW).

4.6 Slotlines.


5. Lowpass and Bandpass Filters.

5.1 Lowpass Filters.

5.2 Bandpass Filters.


6. Highpass and Bandstop Filters.

6.1 Highpass Filters.

6.2 Bandstop Filters.


7. Coupled Resonator Circuits.

7.1 General Coupling Matrix for Coupled-Resonator Filters.

7.2 General Theory of Couplings.

7.3 General Formulation for Extracting Coupling Coefficients.

7.4 Formulation for Extracting Quality Factor.

7.5 Numerical Examples.

7.6 General coupling matrix including source and load.


8. CAD for Low Cost and High Volume Production.

8.1 Computer-Aided Design Tools.

8.2 Computer-Aided Analysis.

8.3 Filter Synthesis by Optimization.

8.4 CAD Examples.


9. Advanced RF/Microwave Filters.

9.1 Selective Filters with a Single Pair of Transmission Zeros.

9.2 Cascaded Quadruplet (CQ) Filters.

9.3 Trisection and cascaded trisection (CT) filters.

9.4 Advanced Filters with Transmissions Line Inserted Inverters.

9.5 Linear phase filters.

9.6 Extract-pole filters.

9.7 Canonical Filters.

9.8 Multiband Filters.


10. Compact Filters and Filter Miniaturization.

10.1 Miniature Open-Loop and Hairpin Resonator Filters.

10.2 Slow-Wave Resonator Filters.

10.3 Miniature Dual-Mode Resonator Filters.

10.4 Lumped-Element Filters.

10.5 Miniaturized Filters Using High Dielectric Constant Substrates.

10.6 Multilayer Filters.


11. Superconducting filters.

11.1 High Temperature Superconducting materials.

11.2 HTS filters for Mobile Communications.

11.3 HTS filters for Satellite Communications.

11.4 HTS Filters for Radio Astronomy HTS Filter at UHF-Band.

11.5 High-Power HTS Filters.

11.6 Cryogenicpackage.


12. Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Filters.

12.1 UWB Filters with Short-Circuited Stubs.

12.2 UWB Coupled Resonator Filters.

12.3 Quasilumped Element UWB Filters.

12.4 UWB Filters using Miniature High- and Low-pass Filters.

12.5 UWB Filters with Notch Band(s).


13. Tunable and Reconfigurable Filters.

13.1 Tunable Combine Filters.

13.2 Tunable Open-Loop Filters without Via-Hole Grounding.

13.3 Reconfigurable Dual-Mode Bandpass Filters.

13.4 Wideband Filters with Reconfigurable Bandwidth.

13.5 Reconfigurable UWB Filters.

13.6 RF MEMS Reconfigurable Filters.

13.7 Piezoelectric Transducer Tunable Filters.

13.8 Ferroelectric Tunable Filters.


Appendix: Useful Constants and Data.

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Januari 2011
1145 gram
242 x 160 x 40 mm
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Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen