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Holma, Harri


High Speed Radio Access for Mobile Communications

€ 141.95

By the Editors of the highly successful WCDMA for UMTS, this new book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date reference to High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) technologies

Taal / Language : English

1 Introduction (Harri Holma and Antti Toskala).
1.1 WCDMA technology and deployment status.
1.2 HSPA standardization and deployment schedule.
1.3 Radio capability evolution with HSPA.
2 HSPA standardization and background (Antti Toskala and Karri Ranta-Aho)
2.1 3GPP.
2.2 References.
3 HSPA architecture and protocols (Antti Toskala and Juho Pirskanen).
3.1 Radio resource management architecture.
3.2 References.
4 HSDPA principles (Juho Pirskanen and Antti Toskala).
4.1 HSDPA vs Release 99 DCH.
4.2 Key technologies with HSDPA.
4.3 High-speed dedicated physical control channel.
4.4 BTS measurements for HSDPA operation.
4.5 Terminal capabilities.
4.6 HSDPA MAC layer operation.
4.7 References.
5 HSUPA principles (Karri Ranta-Aho and Antti Toskala).
5.1 HSUPA vs Release 99 DCH.
5.2 Key technologies with HSUPA.
5.3 E-DCH transport channel and physical channels.
5.4 Physical layer procedures.
5.5 MAC layer.
5.6 Iub parameters.
5.7 Mobility.
5.8 UE capabilities and data rates.
5.9 References and list of related 3GPP specifications.
6 Radio resource management (Harri Holma, Troels Kolding, Klaus Pedersen, and Jeroen Wigard).
6.1 HSDPA radio resource management.
6.2 HSUPA radio resource management.
6.3 References.
7 HSDPA bit rates, capacity and coverage (Frank Frederiksen, Harri Holma, Troels Kolding, and Klaus Pedersen).
7.1 General performance factors.
7.2 Single-user performance.
7.3 Multiuser system performance.
7.4 Iub transmission efficiency.
7.5 Capacity and cost of data delivery.
7.6 Round trip time.
7.7 HSDPA measurements.
7.8 HSDPA performance evolution.
7.9 Conclusions.
7.10 Bibliography.
8 HSUPA bit rates, capacity and coverage (Jussi Jaatinen, Harri Holma, Claudio Rosa, and Jeroen Wigard).
8.1 General performance factors.
8.2 Single-user performance.
8.3 Cell capacity.
8.4 HSUPA performance enhancements.
8.5 Conclusions.
8.6 Bibliography.
9 Application and end-to-end performance (Chris Johnson, Sandro Grech, Harri Holma, and Martin Kristensson)
9.1 Packet application introduction.
9.2 Always-on connectivity.
9.3 Application performance over HSPA.
9.4 Application performance vs network load.
9.5 References.
10 Voice-over-IP (Harri Holma, Esa Malkama¨ki, and Klaus Pedersen).
10.1 VoIP motivation.
10.2 IP header compression.
10.3 VoIP over HSPA.
10.4 References.
11 RF requirements of an HSPA terminal (Harri Holma, Jussi Numminen, Markus Pettersson, and Antti Toskala).
11.1 Transmitter requirements.
11.2 Receiver requirements.
11.3 Frequency bands and multiband terminals.
11.4 References.
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268 pagina's
Januari 2006
671 gram
253 x 173 x 24 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen