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Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen

Hirsch, Herbert

Essential Communication Strategies

For Scientists, Engineers, and Technology Professionals

€ 49.95

Learn the tricks-of-the-trade of becoming a great technical communicator

Remember when you were an undergraduate and freshman composition seemed so irrelevant to your life? After all, you were going to conquer the world with technological know-how. Your spellcheck software would handle the details.

Taal / Language : English


Preface to the First Edition.


Introduction to the Art of Communication.

PART I: The Written Document-Prose and Panic.

Chapter 1: Planning the Document.

Making the Connection

Establishing the Flow

Providing the Reinforcement

Zero-Time Planning

Chapter 2: Acquiring a Healthy Writing Attitude.

Preparing to Write.

Anticipating the Readers` Needs.

Enthusiasm: Enjoying It and Avoiding Writer`s Block.

Zero-Planning Attitude Adjustments: Theirs, Not Ours!

Chapter 3: Producing the Document.

Simplicity: Why Overcomplicate the Task?

Isolation: Get Away from the Interruptions.

Zero-Time Preparation Techniques: They Get What They Pay For!

PART II: The Formal Presentation-Dissertation or Disaster.

Chapter 4: Planning the Presentation.

Making the Connection.

Providing the Flow and Reinforcement.

Zero-Time Planning.

Chapter 5: Acquiring the Successful Presentation Attitude.

Preparing to Present.

Taking the Proper Precautions.

Developing a Healthy Indifference.

Zero-Planning Attitude Adjustments.

Chapter 6: Conducting the Presentation.




Zero-Preparation Presenting.

Handling the Video Teleconference.

PART III: The Informal Discussion-Meetings and Mishaps.

Chapter 7: Planning for the Meeting.

Attending or Avoiding Meetings.

Filtering Meetings.

Planning the Meeting.

Zero-Time Planning.

Chapter 8: Acquiring a Meeting Attitude.


Anticipating the Unexpected.

Zero-Planning Attitude Adjustments.

Chapter 9: Participating in the Meeting.

Starting the Meeting.

Interacting in the Meeting.

Finishing the Meeting.

Zero-Preparation Techniques.

How to Plan and Conduct the Meeting Yourself.

PART IV: Cross-Culture Communication-Bridging the Gap.

Chapter 10: Understanding a Communication Culture Gap.

Negating Troublesome Differences.

Leveraging Useful Similarities.

Communicating Effectively.

Chapter 11: Writing for Any Readership.

Getting in Character.

Getting Back to the Basics.

Staying on Track.

Zero-Time Techniques.

Chapter 12: Presenting to Any Audience.

Planning for the Unknown.

Getting Acquainted.

Keeping Together.

Zero-Planning Techniques.

Chapter 13: Meeting with Anyone or Any Group.

Preparing for the Encounter.

Generating Comfort.

Making It Enjoyable for Everyone.

Zero-preparation Techniques.

Chapter 14: Conclusion.


About the Author.
Extra informatie: 
Paperback / softback
200 pagina's
Januari 2003
324 gram
229 x 159 x 13 mm
John Wiley & Sons Inc us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen

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