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School- en studieboeken
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Hatch, Lisa Zimmer

ACT For Dummies

€ 21.95

The fast and easy way to score higher on the ACT Does the thought of preparing for the ACT give you anxiety? Fear not! This new edition of ACT For Dummies gives you a competitive edge by fully preparing you for the ACT exam with subject reviews, practice opportunities, three full-length practice tests and coverage of the optional writing test.

Taal / Language : English


Introduction 1

Part I: Coming to Terms with Reality: An Overview of the ACT 7

Chapter 1: Getting Your ACT Together: ACT 101 9

Chapter 2: Succeeding on the ACT 15

Chapter 3: Surviving the College Admissions Process 19

Part II: Serving Your `Sentence`: The English Test 25

Chapter 4: Mastering the English Test 27

Chapter 5: Getting a Grip on Grammar and Usage 33

Chapter 6: Spotting Usage Errors and Ripping Through Rhetorical Questions 43

Chapter 7: It`s Not What You Say but How You Say It: English Practice Questions 59

Part III: Don`t Count Yourself Out: The Math Test 65

Chapter 8: Number Nuts and Bolts 67

Chapter 9: More Figures than a Beauty Pageant: Geometry and Trig Review 87

Chapter 10: Algebra and Other Sleeping Aids 115

Chapter 11: Numb and Number: Acing the Mathematics Test 135

Chapter 12: More Fun than a Root Canal: Mathematics Practice Questions 145

Part IV: Time to Read the Riot ACT: The Reading Test 153

Chapter 13: This, Too, Shall Pass(age): Sailing through the Reading Test 155

Chapter 14: Where Are CliffsNotes When You Need Them? Reading Practice Questions 165

Part V: Studying Brain Defects in Laboratory Rats: The Science Test 173

Chapter 15: From Frankenstein to Einstein: Excelling on the Science Test 175

Chapter 16: Faking Atomic Ache Won t Get You Out of This: Science Practice Questions 187

Part VI: Writing Rightly: The Optional Writing Test 195

Chapter 17: What to Expect from the ACT Writing Test 197

Chapter 18: Excelling on Your Essay: The Writing Test Review 207

Chapter 19: Practicing Promptly with Practice Prompts: Essay Practice Questions 217

Part VII: Putting It All Together with Three Full-Length Practice ACTs 221

Chapter 20: Practice Exam 1 223

Chapter 21: Practice Exam 1: Answers and Explanations 269

Chapter 22: Practice Exam 2 309

Chapter 23: Practice Exam 2: Answers and Explanations 353

Chapter 24: Practice Exam 3 395

Chapter 25: Practice Exam 3: Answers and Explanations 441

Part VIII: The Part of Tens 489

Chapter 26: Ten Wrong Rumors about the ACT 491

Chapter 27: Attention, Parents! Ten Ways You Can Help Your Student Succeed on the ACT 495

Index 497

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Paperback / softback
510 pagina's
Januari 2015
771 gram
274 x 211 x 28 mm
For Dummies gb
Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen