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Sport en spel
Sport en spel algemeen
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Harrison, Gaz

Teach Dinghy Sailing

€ 23.95

Whether embarking on a career teaching sailing or looking to teach your children to sail, this step by step guide will get the best out of you and your students.

It takes the coach through the basics of teaching somebody to sail from their point of view and gives constant tips on how to help the student understand new ideas.

Taal / Language : English


Part 1 How to Teach Dinghy Sailing.

1.1 Pre-Course Requirements.

First aid course.

Powerboat training.

Sailing skills test.

Sailing in a circle.

Man overboard (MOB) recovery.

Sail a triangular course.

Follow the leader.

Picking up a mooring.

Coming alongside.

Sailing backwards.

Sailing rudderless.

Lee shore launching and landing.

Capsize recovery.

1.2 Teaching Sailing: First Steps.

Sailing back to basic.

1.3 Personal Sailing Gear.

1.4 Rigging the Boat.

1.5 How to Launch.

1.6 Getting Ready to Go Afloat for the First Time.


Sail control.


Keeping a good lookout.

Responding to the helm`s instructions.

Time to go sailing.

1.7. Preparing the Students to Take the Helm.

First time on the helm.

1.8. Teaching Tacking.

Reasons for land drills.

Tacking with centre main land drill.

Tacking with aft main land drill.

Preparing the boat for a land drill.

Preparing the students for a land drill.

Teaching tacking on the water.

1.9. Teaching Sailing to Windward.


On the water.

Time for the students to have a go.

1.10. The Five Essentials and Downwind Sailing.

The classroom session.

On the water.

Time for the students to have a go.

1.11. Teaching Gybing.

Land drill for teaching the gybe.

Land drill for a centre-main gybe.

Aft-main gybe.

Preparing the boat for the land drill gybe.

Teaching the land drill gybe.

Teaching the gybe on the water.

1.12. Steep Learning Curve.

1.13. Teaching Sailing a Triangle.

Teaching triangles on the water.

Part 2 How to Teach from a Support Boat.

2.1. Teaching from a Support Boat.

Key points that make a good session.

Land training 97


Communication/group control.



Powerboat handling.


2.2. Your First Single-Handed Session for Beginners.

2.3. Teaching Other Courses.

2.4. Going on to the Water.

2.5. What You Need in Your Support Boat.

2.6. Teaching Sessions.

Fun racing.

Game: fender bender.

Game: attack and defence.

Buddy sailing.

2.7. Early in the Course.

Qualities of instructors.

Teaching ratios.

2.8. Presentation.

2.9. Shore-based Teaching Toolbox.

2.10. Other Required Skills.

Towing from a support boat.

Towing tricks.

Part 3 Advanced Sailing, Catamaran Sailing and Racing.

3.1. Before You Start.

3.2. Teaching High Performance.

Clothing and personal kit.

Rigging the boat.

Launching the boat.

3.3. On the Water for the First Time in a Fast Boat.

3.4. Coaching from a Moving Support Boat.

3.5. Teaching Asymmetric Spinnakers.

Launching the spinnaker.

Setting the spinnaker.

Gybing the spinnaker.

Dropping the spinnaker.
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Paperback / softback
152 pagina's
Januari 2008
336 gram
210 x 165 x 13 mm
Fernhurst Books Ltd. us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen