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Hanzo, Lajos

Wireless Video Communications

Second to Third Generation and Beyond

€ 273.95

"Bridging the gap between the video compression and communication communities, this unique volume provides an all encompassing treatment of wireless video communications, compression, channel coding, and wireless transmission as a joint subject.

Taal / Language : English




I. Transmission Issues.

1. Information Theory.

2. The Propagation Environment.

3. Convolutional Channel Coding.

4. Block Based Channel Coding.

5. Modulation and Transmission Techniques.

6. Video Traffic Modeling and Multiple Access.

7. Co Channel Interference.

8. Channel Allocation.

9. Second Generation Mobile Systems.

10. CDMA Systems: Third Generation and Beyond.

II. Video Systems Based on Proprietary Video Codecs.

11. Fractal Image Codecs.

12. Very Low Bit Rate DCT Codes.

13. VQ Codecs and Multimode Video Transceivers.

14. Low Bit Rate Parametric Quad Tree Based Codecs and Multimode Videophone Transceivers.

III. High Resolution Image Coding.

15. Low Complexity Techniques.

16. High Resolution DCT Coding.

IV. Video Systems Based on Standard Video Codecs.

17. An ARQ Assisted H.261 Based Reconfigurable Multilevel Videophone System.

18. Comparison of the H.261 and H.263 Codecs.

19. A H.263 Videophone System for Use over Mobile Channels.

20. Error Rate Based Power Control.

21. Adaptive Single Carrier, Multicarrier, and CDMA based Video Systems.



Subject Index.

Author Index.

About the Authors.
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1092 pagina's
Januari 2001
1950 gram
254 x 194 x 48 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen