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Literatuur: Proza, romans, verhalen
Literaire fictie algemeen
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Håkansson, Håkan

Rethinking Marketing

Developing a New Understanding of Markets

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James C. Anderson is the William L. Ford Distinguished Professor of Marketing and Wholesale Distribution, and Professor of Behavioral Science in Management, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.

Luis Araujo is a Reader in Industrial Marketing at Lancaster University Management School.

Keith Blois is a Fellow in Industrial Marketing at Templeton College, University of Oxford.

Anna Dubois is Associate Professor at the Department of Industrial Marketing, Chalmers University of Technology.

Geoff Easton is Professor of Marketing in the Management School at Lancaster University.

David Ford is Professor of Marketing at the University of Bath, School of Management in the UK

Lars Erik Gadde is Professor of Industrial Marketing at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden and associated to the faculty of the Norwegian School of Management in Sandvika, Norway.

Geir Gripsrud is Professor of Marketing and Dean of Bachelor Studies at the Norwegian School of Management.

Inge Jan Henjesand is Associate Professor of Marketing and Executive Vice President for Research and Academic Faculty at the Norwegian School of Management.

Roy Howell is currently the J.B. Hoskins Professor of Marketing at Texas Tech University.

Michael Johnson is D. Maynard Phelps Professor of Business Administration and Professor of Marketing, University of Michigan Business School and teaches in Michiganâ s MBA and Ph.D. programs as well as a variety of the Schoolâ s executive educations seminars.

Goran Persson is Professor of Business Logistics at the Norwegian School of Management in Oslo.

Frans Prenkert holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Marketing from Uppsala University, Sweden.

Thomas Ritter is an associate professor at the Copenhagen Business School.

Fred Selnes is professor in Marketing at BI â Norwegian School of Management.

Ivan Snehota is Professor of Marketing at the University of Lugano in Switzerland and at the Department of Buysiness Studies at Uppsala University in Sweden.

Sigurd Villads Troye is professor of Marketing at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration.

Taal / Language : English

List of contributors
Preface xi
Introduction: rethinking marketing
H. Hakansson
I.J. Henjesand
A. Waluszewski
Part One Market forms
Perspectives and theories of market
I. Snehota
The ``market form`` concept in B2B marketing
K. Blois
Market forms and market models
G. Easton
Part Two Interaction between market actors
Exploring the exchange concept in marketing
H. Hakansson
F. Prenkert
Interactions between suppliers and customers in business markets
T. Ritter
D. Ford
A dynamic customer portfolio management perspective on market strategy
F. Selnes
M.D. Johnson
From understanding to managing customer value in business markets
J.C. Anderson
Developments on the supply side of companies
L-E. Gadde
G. Persson
Part Three Scientific approaches
The marketing discipline and distribution research: time to regain lost territory?
G. Gripsrud
Research methods in industrial marketing studies
A. Dubois
L. Araujo
Toward a new understanding of marketing: Gaps and opportunities
S.V. Troye
R. Howell
Conclusions: Reinterpreting the four Ps
H. Hakansson
A. Waluszewski
Index 263
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294 pagina's
Januari 2004
649 gram
254 x 173 x 25 mm
John Wiley and Sons Ltd us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen