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Geyi, Wen

Foundations of Applied Electrodynamics

€ 131.95

Foundations of Applied Electrodynamics takes a fresh look at the essential concepts and methods of electrodynamics as a whole, uniting the most relevant contemporary topics under a common mathematical framework.

Taal / Language : English

Chapter 1 Maxwell Equations

1.1 Experimental laws

1.2 Maxwell equations, constitutive relation, and dispersion

1.3 Theorems for electromagnetic fields

1.4 Wavepackets

Chapter 2 Solutions of Maxwell Equations

2.1 Linear space and linear operator

2.2 Classification of partial differential equations

2.3 Modern theory of partial differential equations

2.4 Method of separation of variables

2.5 Method of Green s function

2.6 Potential theory

2.7 Variational principles

Chapter 3 Eigenvalue Problems

3.1 Introduction to linear operator theory

3.2 Eigenvalue problems for symmetric operators

3.3 Interior electromagnetic problems

3.4 Exterior electromagnetic problems

3.5 Eigenfunctions of curl operator

Chapter 4 Antenna Theory

4.1 Antenna Parameters

4.2 Properties of far field patterns

4.3 Spherical vector wavefunctions

4.4 Foster theorems and relationship between quality factor and bandwidth

4.5 Minimum possible antenna quality factor

4.6 Maximum possible product of gain and bandwidth

4.7 Evaluation of antenna quality factor

Chapter 5 Integral Equation Formulations

5.1 Integral equations

5.2 TEM transmission lines

5.3 Waveguide eigenvalue problems

5.4 Metal cavity resonators

5.5 Scattering problems

5.6 Multiple metal antenna system

5.7 Numerical methods

Chapter 6 Network Formulations

6.1 Transmission line theory

6.2 Scattering parameters for general circuits

6.3 Waveguide junctions

6.4 Multiple antenna system

6.5 Power transmission between antennas

6.6 Network parameters in a scattering environment

6.7 RLC equivalent circuits

Chapter 7 Fields in Inhomogeneous Media

7.1 Foundations of spectrum analysis

7.2 Plane waves in inhomogeneous media

7.3 Inhomogeneous metal waveguides

7.4 Optical fibers

7.5 Inhomogeneous cavity resonator

Chapter 8 Time domain Theory

8.1 Time domain theory of metal waveguides

8.2 Time domain theory of metal cavity resonators

8.3 Spherical wave expansions in time domain

8.4 Radiation and scattering in time domain

Chapter 9 Relativity

9.1 Tensor algebra on linear spaces

9.2 Einstein s postulates for special relativity

9.3 Lorentz transformation

9.4 Relativistic mechanics in inertial reference frame

9.5 Electrodynamics in inertial reference frame

9.6 General theory of relativity

Chapter 10 Quantization of Electromagnetic Fields

10.1 Fundamentals of quantum mechanics

10.2 Quantization of free electromagnetic fields

10.3 Quantum statistics

10.4 Interaction of fields with small particle system

10.5 Relativistic quantum mechanics

Appendix A. Set theory

A.1 Basic concepts

A.2 Set operations

A.3 Set algebra

Appendix B. Vector analysis

B.1 Formulas from vector analysis

B.2 Vector analysis in curvilinear coordinate systems

Appendix C. Special functions

C.1 Bessel functions

C.2 Spherical Bessel functions

C.3 Legendre functions and associated Legendre functions

Appendix D. SI Unit System


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522 pagina's
Januari 2010
1043 gram
254 x 171 x 32 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen