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    Gerard Meerstadt,The book of Revelation
    The book of Revelation
    As It Is
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    The key to understanding the book of Revelation is enclosed in its title. It is a revelation! It reveals things that were unknown, makes them plain and understandable. Consequently, it is not to be regarded as a mystery that needs to be solved, a book with a hidden meaning, that requires experienced scholars to unravel it. Quite the opposite!

    It presents itself as the solution to the riddle, revealing how all the major prophesies of the Bible will find their fulfilment, while documenting what happens to our world in its transition to the next stage in human history. It contains exactly what Jesus Christ wants to reveal to us, on a ‘need to know` basis.

    Is Jesus capable of revealing something to us? Does he require other people to explain what he actually means? Of course not! So let us do something very unusual and try to understand the book of Revelation just as it is!

    We are all students of the word, not teachers. Let Jesus be our teacher in this revelation. Everything we pretend to know might hold us back from discovering something really new to us of great value.

    Taal / Language : English

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    Paperback / softback
    216 pagina's
    Met illustraties
    Oktober 2021
    298 gram
    215 x 135 x 20 mm
    EAN: 9789402192872
    Brave New Books

    Levertijd: 1 tot 2 werkdagen