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    Gerard Meerstadt,The Book of John
    The Book of John
    The Essence of Jesus
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    The one event in our history that has been least understood, is the coming of Jesus Christ to our world, to transfer humanity and our planet into a grand new reality.

    What he has done is clear and simple. Yet it is so far beyond our limited imagination, that its significance has escaped the entirety of the human population, including Christian religion. The small number of individuals, and sometimes small groups, that really understood, was so free of this world and its trouble, that they have been persecuted and chased away from everyday society, all throughout history, up unto today. They were not part of this world and the world felt it.

    Yet their reality has a future, and this world does not have one. So it is of essential meaning for each individual who wishes to live in love and freedom without end, to cross over to this reality that Jesus has provided for each of us. It is freedom unknown to this world. It always respects our freedom of choice, so we will have to choose for ourselves to be in that world, no one can drag us in, not even Jesus himself. But if we want to come, he helps us overcome all obstacles and arrive there on time!

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    Januari 2022
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    Brave New Books

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