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Chris D. Geddes

Surface Plasmon Enhanced, Coupled and Controlled Fluorescence

€ 195.60

The first book-length treatment of an exciting new technology, this volume explains the principles behind induced plasmonic current.

Taal / Language : English


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Chapter 1: Plasmonic-Fluorescent and Magnetic-Fluorescent Composite Nanoparticle as Multifunctional Cellular Probe

Chapter 2: Compatibility of metal-induced fluorescence enhancement with applications in analytical chemistry and biosensing

Chapter 3: Plasmonic enhancement of molecules-doped coreshell and nanoshell on molecular fluorescence

Chapter4: Controlling Metal Enhanced Fluorescence using Bimetallic Nanoparticles

Chapter 5: Roles of surface plasmon polaritons in fluorescence enhancement

Chapter 6: Fluorescence excitation, decay and energy transfer in the vicinity of thin dielectric-metal-dielectric layers near their Surface Plasmon Polariton cut-off frequency

Chapter 7: Metal-enhanced Fluorescence in Biosensing Applications

Chapter 8: Long Range Metal Enhanced Fluorescence

Chapter 9: Evolution, stabilization and stimulated metal enhanced fluorescence in aqueous solution

Chapter 10: Distance and location dependent SPR-enhanced photoluminescence in tailored nanostructures. Professor Dong Ha Kim.

Chapter11: Fluorescence Quenching by Plasmonic Silver Nanoparticles

Chapter 12: AgOx Thin Film for Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

Chapter 13: Plasmon Enhanced Two-photon Excitation Fluorescence and Biomedical Applications

Chapter 14: Fluorescence biosensors utilizing grating-assisted plasmonic amplification

Chapter 15: Surface Plasmon Coupled Emission (SPCE): Emerging paradigms and challenges for bio-application

Chapter 16: Plasmon enhanced luminescence with shell-isolated nanoparticles

Chapter 17: Controlled and enhanced fluorescence using plasmonic nanocavities

Chapter 18: Plasmonic Enhancement of UV Fluorescence


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336 pagina's
Januari 2017
1043 gram
281 x 215 x 25 mm
John Wiley & Sons Inc gb

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