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Gardiol, Fred

Microstrip Circuits

€ 239.95

Microstrip Circuits offers a crucial link between microwave theory and practical aspects of design, fabrication, analysis, and measurement of printed circuits and antennas. Providing a solid introduction that ranges from basic concepts to more sophisticated recent developments, this book enables newcomers to quickly gain the knowledge and insights needed to understand the specialized literature and begin independent research. After a general discussion of microstrip structures, the book presents basic theory including electromagnetics, circuits, and transmission line theory. This is followed by an extended discussion of specific devices, including microstrip lines, couplers and junctions, and filters and resonators. Two more chapters focus on semiconductor devices implanted on the microstrip structure, and how they may be used in amplifiers, generators, modulators, and control devices. An especially valuable feature of this book is its general survey of mathematical techniques for analyzing microstrip structures. Many of the methods discussed are both new and indispensable for the accurate analysis of radiation and surface waves. Another important feature is the discussion of how broadband operation can be achieved in printed antennas. An extensive bibliography is provided for readers who wish to pursue a more detailed study of the subject. For research and development engineers, students, and teachers in high frequency electronics, electrical engineering, microwaves, and antennas, this book offers a valuable overview of high frequency printed circuits as well as a broad based introduction to the technology, from basic principles to practical applications. Computer engineers specializing in high frequency and communications will value the techniques for determining spurious effects at high frequencies in printed boards as well as the presentation of computer aided design of high frequency circuits.

Taal / Language : English

Basic Electromagnetics.

Transmission Lines.



Couplers and Junctions.

Resonators and Filters.

Transistor Amplifiers and Oscillators.

Solid State Devices.

Mathematical Techniques.

Microstrip Antennas.

Computer Aided Design.

Fabrication Technique.

Measurement Techniques.


Solutions to the Problems.

Extra informatie: 
320 pagina's
Januari 1994
622 gram
239 x 166 x 26 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen