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Fox, Daniel Testing UMTS
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Fox, Daniel

Testing UMTS

Assuring Conformance and Quality of UMTS User Equipment

€ 151.75

  • Covers the full range of testing that handsets go through prior to commercial release.
  • Looks at typical interoperability and development testing methods.
  • Provides practical advice on planning and carrying out handset testing.
  • Offers advice on products, services and resources that aid the testing process.

Taal / Language : English



Part I: Testing Methodologies.

1. Introduction.

1.1. Important definitions.

1.2. Scope.

1.3. Overview of the Industry.

2. Introduction to UMTS.

2.1. The history of UMTS.

2.2. The 3GPP.

2.3. Organisation of 3GPP.

2.4. Goals and Achievements.

3. Types of Testing.

3.1. The purposes of Testing.

3.2. The Expectations on an Equipment Developer.

3.3. Differences with Other Markets.

3.4. Testing Through the Life Cycle.

4. Integration Testing.

4.1. Definition.

4.2. Getting Things working.

4.3. Keeping Things working.

5. Conformance Testing.

5.1. History.

5.2. Specifications.

5.3. Conformance Specifications.

5.4. RAN5 Specifications.

5.5. Other Conformance Specifications.

5.6. Main Organizations Involved and Their Aims.

5.7. Process.

5.8. Certification.

6. Interoperability Testing.

6.1. What is Interoperability Testing?

6.2. Interoperability and Certification.

6.3. Ways in which Interoperability Testing is carried Out.

6.4. Typical sources of Tests.

7. Testing Beyond Development.

7.1. Manufacturing Testing.

7.2. Service Testing.

Part II: Testing by Layers.

8. Testing the Physical Layer.

8.1. Overview of the UMTS Wideband CDMA Physical Layer.

8.2. Transmitter Testing.

8.3. Receiver Characteristics.

8.4. Interactions with GSM Technology.

8.5. Performance Testing.

8.6. RF Conformance Test Systems.

8.7. Testing the Baseband in Isolation.

9. Testing of Layer 2.

9.1. Introduction.

9.2. Testing the MAC Layer.

9.3. Testing the RLC Layer.

9.4. Packet Data Convergence Protocol.

9.5. Broadcast/Multicast Control.

10. Testing of Layer 3.

10.1. Overview of the Network Architecture.

10.2. The RRC.

10.3. Nonaccess Stratum.

11. Testing Protocol.

11.1. Protocol Test Systems (System Simulators).

11.2. Signalling Procedures.

12. Testing System Aspects.

12.1. Idle Mode Procedures.

12.2. Measurements and RRM.

12.3. Typical Test Systems.

13. High Speed Packet Access.

13.1. Introduction.

13.2. Physical Layer.

13.3. RF Tests for HSPA.

Part III: The Future.

14. Future Trends in Testing.

14.1. Testing Earlier in the Development Cycle.

14.2. IMS and Technology Convergence.

14.3. Evolving Testing Technologies.

14.4. Future Cellular Network Technologies.

Appendix. Tree and tabular Combined Notation.



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274 pagina's
Januari 2008
635 gram
248 x 171 x 19 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen