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Finkenzeller, Klaus ,Dr

RFID Handbook

Fundamentals and Applications in Contactless Smart Cards, Radio Frequency Identification and Near-Field Communication, Third Edition

€ 159.95

This is the third revised edition of the established and trusted RFID Handbook; the most comprehensive introduction to radio frequency identification (RFID) available.

This essential new edition contains information on electronic product code (EPC) and the EPC global network, and explains near field communication (NFC) in depth.

Taal / Language : English

Preface to the Third Edition

List of Abbreviations

1 Introduction

1.1 Automatic Identification Systems

1.2 A Comparison of Different ID Systems

1.3 Components of an RFID System

2 Differentiation Features of RFID Systems

2.1 Fundamental Differentiation Features

2.2 Transponder Construction Formats

2.3 Frequency, Range and Coupling

2.4 Active and Passive Transponder

2.5 Information Processing in the Transponder

2.6 Selection Criteria for RFID Systems

3 Fundamental Operating Principles

3.1 1 Bit Transponder

3.2 Full and Half Duplex Procedure

3.3 Sequential Procedures

3.4 Near Field Communication (NFC)

4 Physical Principles of RFID Systems

4.1 Magnetic Field

4.2 Electromagnetic Waves

4.3 Surface Waves

5 Frequency Ranges and Radio Licensing Regulations

5.1 Frequency Ranges Used

5.2 The International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

5.3 European Licensing Regulations

5.4 National Licensing Regulations in Europe

5.5 National Licensing Regulations

5.6 Comparison of National Regulations

6 Coding and Modulation

6.1 Coding in the Baseband

6.2 Digital Modulation Procedures

7 Data Integrity

7.1 The Checksum Procedure

7.2 Multi Access Procedures Anticollision

8 Security of RFID Systems

8.1 Attacks on RFID Systems

8.2 Protection by Cryptographic Measures

9 Standardisation

9.1 Animal Identification

9.2 Contactless Smart Cards

9.3 ISO/IEC 69873 Data Carriers for Tools and Clamping Devices

9.4 ISO/IEC 10374 Container Identification

9.5 VDI 4470 Anti theft Systems for Goods

9.6 Item Management

10 The Architecture of Electronic Data Carriers

10.1 Transponder with Memory Function

10.2 Microprocessors

10.3 Memory Technology

10.4 Measuring Physical Variables

11 Readers

11.1 Data Flow in an Application

11.2 Components of a Reader

11.3 Integrated Reader ICs

11.4 Connection of Antennas for Inductive Systems

11.5 Reader Designs

11.6 Near Field Communication

12 The Manufacture of Transponders and Contactless Smart Cards

12.1 Glass and Plastic Transponders

12.2 Contactless Smart Cards

13 Example Applications

13.1 Contactless Smart Cards

13.2 Public Transport

13.3 Contactless Payment Systems

13.4 NFC Applications

13.5 Electronic Passport

13.6 Ski Tickets

13.7 Access Control

13.8 Transport Systems

13.9 Animal Identification

13.10 Electronic Immobilisation

13.11 Container Identification

13.12 Sporting Events

13.13 Industrial Automation

14 Appendix

14.1 Contact Addresses, Associations and Technical Periodicals

14.2 Relevant Standards and Regulations

14.3 Printed Circuit Board Layouts



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478 pagina's
Januari 2010
1077 gram
255 x 177 x 29 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen