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Fingas, Merv

Oil Spill Science and Technology

€ 171.95

Oil Spill Science and Technology provides a scientific approach to the clean up of oil spills. Topics include the analysis of oil behavior such as evaporation, solubility, and sedimentation. Other topics include the biodegradation and environmental effects of oil spills and case studies.

Taal / Language : English

Risk Analysis 1. Risk Analysis and Prevention Dr. Dagmar Schmidt-Etkin Oil Properties 2. Oil Physical Properties: Measurement and Correlation Dr. Bruce Hollebone Oil Properties and Properties 3 Introduction to Oil Chemistry and Properties Dr. Merv Fingas 4 Vegetable Oil Spills: Oil Properties and Behaviour Dr. Merv Fingas Oil Analysis 5 Chromatographic Fingerprinting Analysis of Crude Oils and Petroleum Products Dr. Chunn Yang 6 Oil Spill Identification Dr. Joan Albaiges Oil Behaviour 7 Oil and Petroleum Evaporation Dr. Merv Fingas 8 WaterinOil Emulsions: Formation and Prediction Dr. Merv Fingas and Ben Fieldhouse 9 Oil Behaviour in IceInfested Waters Dr. Merv Fingas and Dr. Bruce Hollebone Modelling 10 Introduction to Spill Modeling Dr. M Fingas 11 Oceanographic and meteorological effects on spilled oil Dr. C.J. Beegle-Krause and Dr. Bill Lehr Detection, tracking and remote sensing 12 Oil Spill Remote Sensing Dr. Merv Fingas and Dr. Carl Brown 13 Detection, tracking and remote sensing Drs.  K. Topouzelis, D.Tarchi, M. Vespe, O. Muellenhoff, G. Ferraro, and M. Posada 14 Detection of Oil in, with and under Ice and Snow Dr. Merv Fingas and Dr. Carl Brown Oil Spills on Land 15 Bioremediation of oil spills on land Drs. L.D. Brown and Ania Ulrich 16 MicrobeAssisted Phytoremediation of Petroleum Impacted Soil: A Scientifically Proven Green Technology Drs. K.E. Gerhardt, P.D. Gerwing, X.D. Huang, and B.M. Greenberg Effects of Oil 17 Overview of Efforts to Document and Reduce Impacts of Oil Spills on Seabirds Drs. Roger C. Helm, Harry R. Carter, R. Glenn Ford, D. Michael Fry, Roc¡o L. Moreno, Carolina Sanpera, and Flo S. Tseng 18 Overview of Effects of Oil Spills on Marine Mammals Drs. Roger C. Helm, Daniel P. Costa, Terry D. DeBruyn, Thomas J. O`Shea, Randall S. Wells, and Terrie M. Williams 19 Oil Spill Impact and Recovery of Coastal Marsh Vegetation Dr. Qianxin Lin Natural Dispersion 20 A Review of Natural Dispersion Models Dr. Merv Fingas Cold Region Spills 21 Arctic and Antarctic Spills Drs. D.M. Filler, M.C. Kennicutt II, I. Snape, S.T. Sweet, and A.G. Klein Case Studies 22 The Prestige Oil Spill Drs. J. Albaiges, A. Bernabeu, S. Castanedo, N. Jimenez,  C. MoralesCaselles, A. Puente,  and  L. Vinas 23 The Grounding of the Bahia Paraiso, Arthur Harbor, Antarctica. Distribution and Fate of Oil Spill Related Hydrocarbons Drs. S.T. Sweet, M.C. Kennicutt, II, and A.G. Klein 24 Tasman Spirit Oil Spill on the Karachi Coast, Pakistan Hina A. Siddiqi and Alia Bano Munshi Appendix 25 The Oil Properties Data Appendix Dr. Bruce Hollebone 26 Conversions 27 Ice Nomenclature
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Januari 2015
1860 gram
279 x 218 x 41 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen