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C. Langdon Fielding

Equine Fluid Therapy

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Equine Fluid Therapy is the first reference to draw equine-specific fluid therapy information together into a single, comprehensive resource.

Taal / Language : English


List of contributors, vi

Preface, viii

Section 1: Physiology of fluids, electrolytes, and acid base

1 Body water physiology, 3
C. Langdon Fielding

2 Sodium and water homeostasis and derangements, 11
C. Langdon Fielding

3 Potassium homeostasis and derangements, 27
C. Langdon Fielding

4 Chloride homeostasis and derangements, 45
C. Langdon Fielding

5 Calcium homeostasis and derangements, 55
Escolástico Aguilera-Tejero

6 Magnesium homeostasis and derangements, 76
Allison Jean Stewart

7 Phosphorus homeostasis and derangements, 88
Ramiro E. Toribio

8 Acid base homeostasis and derangements, 101
Jon Palmer

Section 2: Fluid therapy

9 Preparation, supplies, and catheterization, 129
Jamie Higgins

10 Monitoring fluid therapy, 142
Brett Tennent ]Brown

11 Fluid overload, 152
C. Langdon Fielding

12 Replacement fluids therapy in horses, 161
K. Gary Magdesian

13 Maintenance fluid therapy in horses, 175
K. Gary Magdesian

14 Fluid therapy for renal failure, 190
C. Langdon Fielding

15 Fluid therapy for hepatic failure, 198
Thomas J. Divers

16 Fluid therapy for gastrointestinal disease, 206
Diana M. Hassel

17 Fluid therapy and heart failure, 220
Sophy A. Jesty

18 Fluid therapy during neurologic disease, 228
Yvette S. Nout ]Lomas

19 Fluid therapy for muscle disorders, 239
Darien J. Feary

20 Perioperative fluid therapy, 250
Julie E. Dechant

21 Enteral fluid therapy, 261
Marco A.F. Lopes

22 Fluid therapy for neonatal foals, 279
K. Gary Magdesian

Section 3: Special topics

23 Blood and blood product transfusions in horses, 301
Margaret Mudge

24 Colloids, 312
Lucas Pantaleon

25 Parenteral nutrition, 323
Harold C. McKenzie, III

26 Advanced hemodynamic monitoring, 340
Kevin Corley

27 Peritoneal dialysis, 351
Laurie Gallatin

Index, 356

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Januari 2015
842 gram
253 x 192 x 23 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us
Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen