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Falzon, Christopher

A Companion to Foucault

€ 215.55

A Companion to Foucault comprises a collection of essays from established and emerging scholars that represent the most extensive anthology of French philosopher Michel Foucault’s works currently available.

Taal / Language : English

Notes on the Editors and Contributors List of Abbreviations Introduction Part I Landmarks 1 Chronology            Daniel Defert 2 History of Madness            Colin Gordon   3 The Order of Things            Patrice Maniglier 4 On the Powers of the False: Foucault’s Engagements with the Arts            Joseph J. Tanke 5 Discipline and Punish           Alan D. Schrift 6 Reading The History of Sexuality, Volume 1           Richard A. Lynch 7 From Resistance to Government: Foucault’s Lectures 1976--1979            Paul Patton 8 Foucault’s Untimely Struggle            Paul Rabinow Part II Knowledge and Critique 9 Foucault’s Normative Epistemology            Linda Martín Alcoff 10 Foucault and the Freudians            Wendy Grace 11 Foucault on Critical Agency in Painting and the Aesthetics of Existence             Michael Kelly 12 Kant, Enlightenment, Critique            Marc Djaballah 13 Making History             Christopher Falzon III Power and Governmentality 14 Power, Resistance, and Freedom              Jon Simons   15 From Biopower to Governmentality             Johanna Oksala 16 Power and the Subject             Amy Allen 17 Power, Politics, Racism              Brad Stone 18 Foucault, Religion, and Pastoral Power              Jeremy Carrette 19 Space, Territory, Geography               Jeremy W. Crampton IV Sexuality, Gender, and Race 20 Toward a Feminist “Politics of Ourselves”               Dianna Taylor 21 Infamous Men, Dangerous Individuals, and Violence against Women: Feminist Re-readings of Foucault                Chloë Taylor 22 Foucault’s Eros: For an Ethics of Living in Biopower                Lynn Huffer 23 Foucault and Bataille: Homo Economicus (Reading Foucault and Bataille Together)                 Shannon Winnubst 24 Genealogies of Race and Gender                 David-Olivier Gougelet and Ellen K. Feder V Ethics and Modernity 25 Foucault’s Ontology and Epistemology of Ethics                 James D. Faubion 26 Foucault, Subjectivity, and Technologies of the Self                  Mark G. E. Kelly 27 The Formation and Self-Transformation of the Subject in Foucault’s Ethics                 Colin Koopman 28 Foucault, Nature, and the Environment                  Paul Alberts Appendix 29 Michel Foucault’s Shorter Works in English: Bibliography and Concordance                   Richard A. Lynch Index
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626 pagina's
Januari 2013
1116 gram
249 x 180 x 35 mm
Wiley-Blackwell gb

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen