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Technische hobbies
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Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen

William Fairham

Woodwork Joints

€ 23.95

Excerpt: ...Types of Hinges.-Fig. 229 is an elongated variety of the butt hinge, known in the trade as `strap hinge,` `desk hinge,` or `bagatelle hinge.` As its name indicates, it is used on folding bagatelle tables, small writing desks, and other types of work that have but a narrow margin on which to fix the hinges. The long, narrow plates are sunk flush into the wood, the knuckle or rounded portion projecting. Pg 115 Fig. 233.-Back Flap Hinge. Fig. 234.-Card Table Hinge. Fig. 235.-Pivot Hinge. Fig. 236.-Rising Butt Hinge. Fig. 230 is an illustration of the reversible or double-folding screen hinge. Half the thickness of this hinge is let into each wing of the draught screen, allowing the screen to be folded either way. The hinge is costly, but effective in use. Pg 116 Fig. 231 is a type of pivot hinge which is used to fix at the top and bottom of a screen. Fig. 232 is the non-reversible screen hinge and, as its name implies, will only fold in one direction. Fig. 233 is a back flap hinge with a specially wide wing, used for the fall-down leaf of small tables and similar articles. Fig. 234 is a card table hinge. This is let into the edges of the table, so that all is flush or level both above and below the surface. Centre or Pivot Hinges.-Fig. 235 is a centre or pivot hinge, used on the top and bottom of wardrobe doors, more particularly the interior door of a three-winged wardrobe where the method of fixing is confined to the cornice and plinth. The flange carrying the pins or pivot is let into the top and bottom of the door, the remaining flange being let into the cornice and plinth respectively. Rising Butt Hinges.-Fig. 236 is the rising butt hinge, used on dining and drawing-room doors, so that when the door is opened the door rises sufficiently to clear the thickness of the carpet. This hinge has also an advantage over the ordinary butt hinge in that it is self-closing, i.e., the weight of the door plus the bevel...

Taal / Language : English

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Paperback / softback
60 pagina's
Januari 2013
Reference Series Books LLC gb

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen