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Samira Elatia

Data Mining and Learning Analytics

€ 130.80

Addresses the impacts of data mining on education and reviews applications in educational research teaching, and learning 

This book discusses the insights, challenges, issues, expectations, and practical implementation of data mining (DM) within educational mandates.

Taal / Language : English


Notes on Contributors

Introduction: Education at a Computational Crossroads
Samira ElAtia, Donald Ipperciel and Osmar R. Zaïane

Part I: At the Intersection of Two Fields: EDM

Chapter1: Educational Process Mining: A tutorial and case study using Moodle data sets
Cristóbal Romero, Rebeca Cerezo, Alejandro Bogarín, and Miguel Sánchez-Santillán

Chapter 2: On Big Data and Text Mining in the Humanities
Goeffrey Rockwell and Bettina Berendt

Chapter 3: Finding Predictors in Higher Education
David Eubanks, Billy Evers, and Nancy Smith

Chapter 4: A MOOC on Educational Data Mining
Ryan S. Baker, Yuan Wang, Luc Paquette, Vincent Aleven, Octav Popescu, Jonathan Sewall,  Carolyn Rose, Gaurav Tomar, Oliver Ferschke, Jing Zhang, Michael Cennamo, Stephanie Ogden, Therese Condit, Jose Diaz, Scott Crossley, Danielle Mcnamara, Denise Comer, Collin Lynch, Rebecca Brown, Tiffany Barnes, and Yoav Bergner

Chapter 5: Data Mining and Action Research
Ellina Chernobilsky, Edith Ries, and Joanne Jasmine

Part II: Pedagogical Applications of EDM

Chapter 6: Design of an Adaptive Learning System and Educational Data Mining
Zhiyong Liu and Nick Cercone

Chapter 7: The Geometry of Naïve Bayes: Teaching Probabilities by Drawing Them
Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio

Chapter 8: Examining the Learning Networks of a MOOC
Meaghan Brugha and Jean-Paul Restoule

Chapter 9: Exploring the Usefulness of Adaptive eLearning Laboratory Environments in Teaching Medical Science
Thuan Thai and Patsie Polly

Chapter 10: Investigating Co-occurrence Patterns of Learners Grammatical Errors Across Proficiency Levels and Essay Topics Based on Association Analysis
Yutaka Ishii

Part III: EDM and Educational Research

Chapter 11: Mining Learning Sequences in MOOCs: Does Course Design Constrain Students Behaviors or Do Students Shape Their Own Learning?
Lorenzo Vigentini, Simon McIntyre, Negin Mirriahi, and Dennis Alonzo

Chapter 12: Understanding Communication Patterns in MOOCs: Combining Data Mining and Qualitative Methods
Rebecca Eynon, Isis Hjorth, Taha Yasser, and Nabeel Gillani

Chapter 13: An Example of Data Mining: Exploring the Relationship Between Applicant Attributes and Academic Measures of Success in a Pharmacy Program
Dion Brocks and Ken Cor

Chapter 14: A New Way of Seeing: Using a Data Mining Approach to Understand Children s Views of Diversity and Difference in Picture Books
Robin A. Moeller and Hsin-liang Chen

Chapter 15: Data Mining with Natural Language Processing and Corpus Linguistics: Unlocking Access to Schoolchildren`s Language in Diverse Contexts to Improve Instructional and Assessment Practices
Alison L. Bailey, Anne Blackstock-Bernstein, Eve Ryan, and Despina Pitsoulakis

Extra informatie: 
320 pagina's
Januari 2016
567 gram
241 x 162 x 23 mm
John Wiley & Sons Inc gb

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