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Dan Edwardes,   Parkour Generations,The Parkour & Freerunning Handbook
Edwardes, Dan
The Parkour and Free-running Handbook
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The phenomenon of parkour, which has gripped youth culture, could be the defining movement of our age. Combining the grace of the gymnast, the virtuosity of the skateboarder and the discipline of the martial artist, free-running - or parkour - is more than simply an elegant non-competitive sport: it's an art form; a philosophy promoting fitness, imagination, community spirit and ethical, healthy living. This essential handbook offers a jump-by-jump guide aimed at building the confidence of the novice to become a confident and inventive jumper. With standout features on fitness and training, how to avoid mistakes and injuries, global cityscapes and tips for using the space of the urban environment, this is more than just a user's manual. "The Parkour en Free-Running Handbook" provides a complete insight and entry point into the techniques, culture, clothes and community of free-running, showing just what it takes to hit those handstands, kong vaults and wall hops.

Taal / Language : English

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Paperback / softback
144 pagina's
Januari 2009
350 gram
203 x 180 x 12 mm
EAN: 9780753519684
Ebury Publishing us

Levertijd: 14 tot 28 werkdagen