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Dwyer, Kevin, Fiorillo, Jure

True Stories of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

The Real Crimes Behind the Best Episodes of the Hit TV Show

€ 16.95

Presents the shocking facts about the real-life crimes that inspired twenty-five popular episodes from the hit NBC television series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, following the cases from the initial investigation through the trial, sometimes controversial verdicts, and struggle of real-life victims to deal with the psychological scars

Taal / Language : English

introduction 1(2)
L&O SVU: (``Control,`` Season 5) A man who kidnaps and keeps women as sex slaves is castrated in a subway. Later, he`s found murdered in a hotel room
True Story: ``Dungeon Master`` John Jamelske built an underground soundproof room in his backyard, and held several young women as sex slaves for months and years at a time
L&O SVU: (``Baby Killer,`` Season 2) A young boy uses a stolen gun to shoot and kill a female classmate during recess
True Story: Six-year-old Kayla Rolland was killed by classmate Dedric Owens in Michigan. The gun used in the crime had been stolen by a family friend
L&O SVU: (``Redemption,`` Season 3) Released from prison after eighteen years, the ``Soho Strangler`` is suspected in a string of new sex crimes
True Story: Dubbed the ``Boston Strangler,`` Albert DeSalvo was a suspect in the deaths of thirteen women. DeSalvo died in jail before he could be tried, and numerous questions remain to this day about the Boston Strangler`s true identity
L&O SVU: (``Mean,`` Season 5) Three popular but particularly nasty teenage girls brutally murder a friend and stuff her body in the trunk of a car
True Story: Four Indiana teenagers abducted and killed twelve-year-old Shanda Sharer, an unwitting participant in a deadly love triangle
L&O SVU: (``Serendipity,`` Season 5) A doctor puts a tube of his patient`s blood in his arm to fool a paternity test
True Story: Canadian doctor John Schneeberger implanted a tube of blood in his arm to foil a DNA test and clear himself of rape charges
L&O SVU: (``Chameleon,`` Season 4) A prostitute turns the tables on a man who is sexually assaulting women on the street, but detectives soon discover that the woman isn`t the victim she appears to be
True Story: Truck-stop hooker Aileen Wuornos murdered seven men in and around Florida. Wuornos pleaded self-defense, claiming each victim tried to rape her
L&O SVU: (``Charisma,`` Season 6) The leader of a doomsday cult sexually abuses his young congregants. The cult has also amassed an arsenal
True Story: David Koresh and his Branch Davidian cult engaged in a deadly shootout with the ATF, and later battled the FBI. Koresh and many of his followers were killed, as were several government agents
L&O SVU: (``Uncle,`` Season 8) A mentally ill man pushes a murder suspect into an oncoming subway train
True Story: Andrew Goldstein, a known schizophrenic, said he was in a psychotic state when he pushed Kendra Webdale in front of an oncoming train
L&O SVU: (``Slaves,`` Season 1) A controlling yuppie and his subservient wife hold a live-in maid captive as a sex slave
True Story: Pennsylvania high school student Tanya Kach was held captive as a sex slave by a security guard from her school, only a few miles from her father`s house. She emerged ten years later
L&O SVU: (``Venom,`` Season 7) Detective Tutuola`s son and nephew are implicated in the murder of a woman and child
True Story: Raymond Levi Cobb killed a woman and her baby while robbing a house in Texas in 1993
L&O SVU: (``Name,`` Season 7) The SVU detectives are faced with solving a cold case after the skeletal remains of a boy who disappeared in 1978 are found
True Story: The identity of a dead child found on a rural Philadelphia road in 1957 is unknown, and his murder remains unsolved today
L&O SVU: (``Burned,`` Season 8) A woman accuses her husband of rape, but because he doesn`t have a record of violence, he is released. The husband later sets his wife on fire
True Story: A judge dismissed an order of protection Yvette Cade had taken out on her estranged husband Roger Hargrave. Two weeks later, Hargrave set Cade on fire at her job
L&O SVU: (``Scavenger,`` Season 6) A serial killer taunts investigators into finding him
True Story: Over a span of three decades, BTK killer Dennis Rader murdered ten people in Wichita, Kansas. He often communicated with the police about the murders, which led to his capture
L&O SVU: (``Game,`` Season 6) Teenagers take their obsession with videogames to the point of murder
True Story: Alabama teen Devin Moore killed two police officers and a dispatcher after being arrested for stealing a car. Moore claimed his addiction to the videogame Grand Theft Auto led him to commit the crimes
L&O SVU: (``Taboo,`` Season 7) A young woman charged with killing her newborn claims she didn`t know she was pregnant
True Story: College student Holly Ashcraft was accused of murdering her newborn baby after hiding the pregnancy
L&O SVU: (``Monogamy,`` Season 3) A pregnant woman is found unconscious and bleeding in a parking lot; her unborn baby has been cut out of her and stolen
True Story: In Missouri, Lisa Montgomery is accused of strangling Bobbie Jo Stinnett and cutting her unborn child out of her body
L&O SVU: (``Counterfeit,`` Season 3) A woman is found raped and murdered in her car. The investigation points to a police officer who is accused of raping the woman during a traffic stop
True Story: In 1986, California Highway Patrol officer Craig Peyer murdered college student Cara Knott during a phony traffic stop. Peyer had been stopping and harassing women motorists for some time
L&O SVU: (``Web,`` Season 7) A teenager sells photos of himself, naked, to pedophiles on the Internet
True Story: Teenager Justin Berry set up his own pornographic website featuring erotic images and video of himself. Pedophiles paid for Berry to perform sex acts on a live webcam
L&O SVU: (``Uncivilized,`` Season 1) A known pedophile is suspected of killing a young boy in the park. The real killers turn out to be two young men who killed for the thrill of it
True Story: The famous Leopold and Loeb case. Two privileged young men murdered a child simply to see if they could get away with the ``perfect crime.``
L&O SVU: (``Fault,`` Season 7) A released sex offender kidnaps two kids and murders their parents
True Story: Class III pedophile Joseph Duncan is accused of stalking and murdering members of the Groene family to abduct eight-year-old Shasta and nine-year-old Dylan. He allegedly killed Dylan soon after, and brought Shasta back to her hometown
L&O SVU: (``Perfect,`` Season 4) When a fourteen-year-old Pennsylvania girl goes missing, police suspect she`s been kidnapped. Eight months later, she turns up dead in New York
True Story: Fourteen-year-old Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped from her Utah home by two Mormon fundamentalists. She was found alive nine months later
L&O SVU: (``Repression,`` Season 3) A teenager recovers memories of sexual abuse and fears her father is abusing her younger sister. The father ends up murdered
True Story: Long Island teen Cheryl Pierson hired classmate Sean Pica to kill her father in order to prevent him from sexually abusing her little sister. Cheryl claimed she herself was subjected to sexual abuse for years
L&O SVU: (``Pure,`` Season 6) A married couple rapes and kills a number of women
True Story: Canadian couple Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo raped and killed several young women, including Karla`s younger sister, Tammy
L&O SVU: (``Debt,`` Season 6) An illegal Chinese immigrant is held captive as a sex slave in New York
True Story: In 1997, the FBI and U.S. Border Patrol raided six brothels in Florida run by a family of Mexican nationals. The young women working in the brothels had been smuggled out of Mexico, enslaved, and forced into prostitution
L&O SVU: (``Bound,`` Season 5) Patients in a family-owned nursing home begin dying one after another. The investigation leads to the owner
True Story: ``Angel of Death`` nurse Charles Cullen is suspected of killing as many as forty patients during his career
endnotes 251
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Paperback / softback
260 pagina's
Januari 2007
295 gram
229 x 152 x 13 mm
Berkley Pub Group us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen