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Drewes, Athena A

School-Based Play Therapy

€ 75.00

The essential guide to using play therapy in school settings. 2nd edition

Taal / Language : English



Part I Play Therapy: Its Therapeutic Power and Research Effects.

1 The Therapeutic Powers of Play and Play Therapy (Charles E. Schaefer and Athena A. Drewes).

2 Meeting the Early Mental Health Needs of Children Through School Based Play Therapy: A Review of Outcome Research (Sue C. Bratton ).

Part II Implementing Play Therapy in the Schools.

3 Guidelines for Incorporating Play Therapy in the Schools (Kristi Perryman and Judy Doran).

4 Challenges and Barriers to Implementing Play Therapy in Schools (Dee Ray).

Part III Play Based Assessments.

5 Using Play Therapy Assessment in an Elementary and Intermediate School Setting (Mary May Schmidt).

6 Transdisciplinary Play based Assessment and Intervention in the Primary Years (Toni Linder and Brittney Bixby).

Part IV Play Based Prevention Programs with Paraprofessionals and Teachers.

7 Helping Preschool and Kindergarten Teachers Foster Play in the Classroom (Karen Stagnitti).

8 Primary Project: An Evidenced Based Approach (Mary Anne Peabody, Deborah Johnson, and A. Dirk Hightower).

9 Child Teacher Relationship Training: Using the Power of the Child Teacher Relationship as a School Based Mental Health Intervention (Mary Morrison and Wendy Pretz Helker).

10 Treating Disruptive Classroom Behaviors of Preschoolers Through Teacher Child Interaction Therapy (David McIntosh).

Part V Individual and Group Play Therapy Approaches.

11 LEGO® Based Play Therapy for Autistic Spectrum Children (Daniel LeGoff, G.W. Krauss, and Sarah Allen Levin).

12 Trauma Focused Group Play Therapy in the Schools (Yih Jiun Shen).

13 Group Sandplay in Elementary Schools (Theresa Kestly).

14 Play Therapy for Anger Management in the Schools (Barbara Fischetti).

15 Group Play Interventions for Children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (Linda Reddy).

Part VI Special Populations and Special Issues.

16 Play Therapy for Children of Alcoholics (Laura Jacobus Kantor and James G. Emshoff).

17 Understanding and Generalizing Communication Patterns in Children with Selective Mutism (Laurie Zelinger).

18 Play, Create, Express, Understand: Bereavement Groups in Schools (Ruthellen Griffin).

19 Redrawing the Front Line: A Play Therapy Service for Meeting the Psychosocial Needs of Children and Families in School (Geraldine Thomas).

20 The Nana s Model: School Based Play Therapy with Children who are Homeless or Severely Impoverished (Ana Sutton).

21 Better Playtimes: A School Based Therapeutic Play Intervention for Staff and Children (Alison Woolf).

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528 pagina's
Januari 2010
913 gram
248 x 165 x 38 mm
John Wiley & Sons Inc us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen