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Dowdy, Shirley

Statistics for Research

€ 182.90

Long needed, this update brings a key text on statistical methods for research professionals and non statistics students up to date and even more useful than its predecessors. This new edition will be completely revised to reflect the current ubiquitousness of computers and software packages to perform statistical analyses. .

Taal / Language : English

Preface to the Third Edition.
Preface to the Second Edition.
Preface to the First Edition.
1 The Role of Statistics.
1.1 The Basic Statistical Procedure.
1.2 The Scientific Method.
1.3 Experimental Data and Survey Data.
1.4 Computer Usage.
Review Exercises.
Selected Readings.
2 Populations, Samples, and Probability Distributions.
2.1 Populations and Samples.
2.2 Random Sampling.
2.3 Levels of Measurement.
2.4 Random Variables and Probability Distributions.
2.5 Expected Value and Variance of a Probability Distribution.
Review Exercises.
Selected Readings.
3 Binomial Distributions.
3.1 The Nature of Binomial Distributions.
3.2 Testing Hypotheses.
3.3 Estimation.
3.4 Nonparametric Statistics: Median Test.
Review Exercises.
Selected Readings.
4 Poisson Distributions.
4.1 The Nature of Poisson Distributions.
4.2 Testing Hypotheses.
4.3 Estimation.
4.4 Poisson Distributions and Binomial Distributions.
Review Exercises.
Selected Readings.
5 Chi-Square Distributions.
5.1 The Nature of Chi-Square Distributions.
5.2 Goodness-of-Fit Tests.
5.3 Contingency Table Analysis.
5.4 Relative Risks and Odds Ratios.
5.5 Nonparametric Statistics: Median Test for Several Samples.
Review Exercises.
Selected Readings.
6 Sampling Distribution of Averages.
6.1 Population Mean and Sample Average.
6.2 Population Variance and Sample Variance.
6.3 The Mean and Variance of the Sampling Distribution of Averages.
6.4 Sampling Without Replacement.
Review Exercises.
7 Normal Distributions.
7.1 The Standard Normal Distribution.
7.2 Inference From a Single Observation.
7.3 The Central Limit Theorem.
7.4 Inferences About a Population Mean and Variance.
7.5 Using a Normal Distribution to Approximate Other Distributions.
7.6 Nonparametric Statistics: A Test Based on Ranks.
Review Exercises.
Selected Readings.
8 Student’s t Distribution.
8.1 The Nature of t Distributions.
8.2 Inference About a Single Mean.
8.3 Inference About Two Means.
8.4 Inference About Two Variances.
8.5 Nonparametric Statistics: Matched-Pair and Two-Sample Rank Tests.
Review Exercises.
Selected Readings.
9 Distributions of Two Variables.
9.1 Simple Linear Regression.
9.2 Model Testing.
9.3 Inferences Related to Regression.
9.4 Correlation.
9.5 Nonparametric Statistics: Rank Correlation.
9.6 Computer Usage.
9.7 Estimating Only One Linear Trend Parameter.
Review Exercises.
Selected Readings.
10 Techniques for One-way Analysis of Variance.
10.1 The Additive Model.
10.2 One-Way Analysis-of-Variance Procedure.
10.3 Multiple-Comparison Procedures.
10.4 One-Degree-of-Freedom Comparisons.
10.5 Estimation.
10.6 Bonferroni Procedures.
10.7 Nonparametric Statistics: Kruskal–Wallis ANOVA for Ranks.
Review Exercises.
Selected Readings.
11 The Analysis-of-Variance Model.
11.1 Random Effects and Fixed Effects.
11.2 Testing the Assumptions for ANOVA.
11.3 Transformations.
Review Exercises.
Selected Readings.
12 Other Analysis-of-Variance Designs.
12.1 Nested Design.
12.2 Randomized Complete Block Design.
12.3 Latin Square Design.
12.4 a xb Factorial Design.
12.5 a xb xc Factorial Design.
12.6 Split-Plot Design.
12.7 Split Plot with Repeated Measures.
Review Exercises.
Selected Readings.
13 Analysis of Covariance.
13.1 Combining Regression with ANOVA.
13.2 One-Way Analysis of Covariance.
13.3 Testing the Assumptions for Analysis of Covariance.
13.4 Multiple-Comparison Procedures.
Review Exercises.
Selected Readings.
14 Multiple Regression and Correlation.
14.1 Matrix Procedures.
14.2 ANOVA Procedures for Multiple Regression and Correlation.
14.3 Inferences About Effects of Independent Variables.
14.4 Computer Usage.
14.5 Model Fitting.
14.6 Logarithmic Transformations.
14.7 Polynomial Regression.
14.8 Logistic Regression.
Review Exercises.
Selected Readings.
Appendix of Useful Tables.
Answers to Most Odd-Numbered Exercises and All Review Exercises.
Extra informatie: 
640 pagina's
Januari 2004
1021 gram
245 x 162 x 38 mm
John Wiley & Sons Inc us

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