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Diaz-Campos, Manuel

The Handbook of Hispanic Sociolinguistics

€ 34.95

This Handbook provides a comprehensive, state-of-the-art overviewof theoretical and descriptive research in contemporary Hispanicsociolinguistics.

Taal / Language : English


List of Figures viii

List of Tables xi

Notes on Contributors xv

Introduction 1
Manuel Díaz-Campos

I Phonological Variation 7

1 Laboratory approaches to sound variation and change 9
Laura Colantoni

2 V ariationist Approaches: External Factors Conditioning Variation in Spanish Phonology 36
Antonio Medina-Rivera

3 Internal Factors Conditioning Variation in Spanish Phonology 54
Francisco Moreno-Fernández

4 Socio-phonological variation in Latin American Spanish 72
John M. Lipski

5 Sociophonological variation and change in Spain 98
José Antonio Samper Padilla

II Morphosyntactic variation 121

6 Variationist Approaches to Spanish Morphosyntax: Internal and External Factors 123
Scott A. Schwenter

7 Variation and grammaticalization 148
Rena Torres Cacoullos

8 Morphosyntactic variation in Spanish-speaking Latin America 168
Paola Bentivoglio and Mercedes Sedano

9 Morphosyntactic variation in Spain 187
María José Serrano

III Language, the individual, and the society 205

10 Aging, Age, and Sociolinguistics 207
Richard Cameron

11 Gender and variation: Word-final /s/ in men s and women s speech in Puerto Rico s western highlands 230
Jonathan Holmquist

12 Forms of address: The effect of the context 244
Diane R. Uber

13 Becoming a member of the speech community: Learning Socio-phonetic Variation in child language 263
Manuel Díaz-Campos

14 The relationship between historical linguistics and sociolinguistics 283
Donald N. Tuten and Fernando Tejedo-Herrero

15 The acquisition of variation in second language Spanish: How to identify and catch a moving target 303
Kimberly Geeslin

IV Spanish in Contact 321

16 Spanish in Contact with Quechua 323
Anna María Escobar

17 Spanish in Contact with Guaraní 353
Shaw n. Gynan

18 Spanish in Contact with Catalan 374
José Luis Blas Arroyo

19 Spanish in Contact with Portuguese: the Case of Barranquenho 395
J. Clancy Clements, Patrícia Amaral, and Ana R. Luís

20 Spanish in Contact with Haitian Creole 418
Luis A. Ortiz López

21 Palenque (Colombia): Multilingualism in an Extraordinary Social and Historical Context 446
Armin Schwegler

22 Spanish in Contact with Arabic 473
Lotfi Sayahi

V Spanish in the United States, Heritage Language, L2 Spanish 491

23 Spanish in the United States: Bilingual Discourse Markers 493
Lourdes Torres

24 Functional Adaptation and Conceptual Convergence in the Analysis of Language Contact in the Spanish of Bilingual Communities in New York 504
Ricardo Otheguy

25 Code-switching among US Latinos 530
Almeida Jacqueline Toribio

26 Language and Social Meaning in Bilingual Mexico and the United States 553
Norma Mendoza-Denton and Bryan James Gordon

27 Intrafamilial Dialect Contact 579
Kim Potowski

28 Heritage Language Students: The Case of Spanish 598
Guadalupe Valdés and Michelle Geoffrion-Vinci

29 Language Maintenance and Language Shift among US Latinos 623
Jorge Porcel

30 Mockery and Appropriation of Spanish in White Spaces: Perceptions of Latinos in the United States 646
Adam Schwartz

VI Language Policy/Planning, Language Attitudes and Ideology 665

31 Planning Spanish: Nationalizing, Minoritizing and Globalizing Performances 667
Ofelia García

32 Bilingual Education in Latin America 686
Serafín M. Coronel-Molina and Megan Solon

33 V ariation and Identity in Spain 704
Juan Manuel Hernández-Campoy

34 V ariation and Identity in the Americas 728
Mercedes Niño-Murcia

35 Linguistic Imperialism: Who Owns Global Spanish? 747
Clare Mar-Molinero and Darren Paffey

Index 765

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Paperback / softback
816 pagina's
Januari 2015
1606 gram
246 x 171 x 65 mm
John Wiley and Sons Ltd gb
Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen