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Delgado, Ramon Lopez Cozar

Spoken, Multilingual and Multimodal Dialogue Systems

Development and Assessment

€ 150.95

Dialogue systems are a very appealing technology with an extraordinary future. Spoken, Multilingual and Multimodal Dialogues Systems: Development and Assessment addresses the great demand for information about the development of advanced dialogue systems combining speech with other modalities under a multilingual framework.

Taal / Language : English


1. Introduction to Dialogue Systems.

1.1 Human Computer Interaction and Speech Processing.

1.2 Spoken Dialogue Systems.

1.3 Multimodal Dialogue Systems.

1.4 Multilingual Dialogue Systems.

1.5 Dialogue Systems Referenced in This Book.

1.6 Area Organisation and Research Directions.

1.7 Overview of the Book.

1.8 Further Reading.

2. Technologies Employed to Set Up Dialogue Systems.

2.1 Input Interface.

2.2 Multimodal Processing.

2.3 Output Interface.

2.4 Summary.

2.5 Further Reading.

3. Multimodal Dialogue Systems.

3.1 Benefits of Multimodal Interaction.

3.2 Development of Multimodal Dialogue Systems.

3.3 Summary.

3.5 Further Reading.

4. Multilingual Dialogue Systems.

4.1 Implications of Multilinguality in the Architecture of Dialogue Systems.

4.2 Multilingual Dialogue Systems Based on Interlingua.

4.3 Multilingual Dialogue Systems Based on Web Applications.

4.4 Summary.

4.5 Further Reading.

5. Dialogue Annotation, Modelling and Management.

5.1 Dialogue Annotation.

5.2 Dialogue Modelling.

5.3 Dialogue Management.

5.4 Implications of Multimodality in the Dialogue Management.

5.5 Implications of Mulitlinguality in the Dialogue Management.

5.6 Implications of Task Independency in the Dialogue Management.

5.7 Summary.

5.8 Further Reading.

6. Development Tools.

6.1 Tools for Spoken and Multilingual Dialogue Systems.

6.2 Standards and Tools for Multimodal Dialogue Systems.

6.3 Summary.

6.4 Further Reading.

7. Assessment.

7.1 Overview of Evaluation Techniques.

7.2 Evaluation of Spoken and Multilingual Dialogue Systems.

7.3 Evaluation of Multimodal Dialogue Systems.

7.4 Summary.

7.5 Further Reading.

Appendix A: Basic Tutorial on VoiceXML.

Appendix B: Multimodal Databases.

Appendix C: Coding Schemes for Multimodal Resources.

Appendix D: URLs of Interest.

Appendix E: List of Abbreviations.


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272 pagina's
Januari 2005
653 gram
254 x 175 x 22 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen