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Literatuur: Proza, romans, verhalen
Literaire fictie algemeen
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Daw, Jocelyne

Cause Marketing for Nonprofits

Partner for Purpose, Passion, and Profits (AFP Fund Development Series)

€ 75.00

This book is about a growing model for business and nonprofit involvement––an innovative way of working together for mutual benefit: partnering for purpose, passion, and profits.

Cause marketing––a new discipline in the corporate citizenship field, a new mission based fundraising and marketing tool for nonprofits––is a corporate/nonprofit partnership that aligns the power of a company s brand, marketing, and people with a nonprofit cause s brand and assets, to create shareholder and social value and to publicly communicate values.

In 1983, American Express pioneered the first cause related marketing (CRM). Today, cause marketing can be seen everywhere. Check out at the drugstore and support the local food bank by adding a donation to your bill. Pick up a prominent women s magazine and readers will find Lee Jeans ads encouraging them to "Go casual for a cause" by wearing jeans to work for a $5 donation to benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. At the grocery store, your purchase of a box of Cheerios during their three month "Spoonful of Stories" promotion supports First Book, the national literacy charity, and encourages kids to read. "Go Red for Women" at Macy s to support the American Heart Association s heart health campaign for women. In Canada, support breast cancer research by signing up for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure at the local bank branch.

Well over $1.4 billion is spent on cause marketing, and it provides over $4 billion of marketing support for causes annually. How do you take advantage of this growing form of corporate support? How will you compete to turn your nonprofit into a synonym for your particular cause? Learn how to invent better, livelier, more focused, and creative strategies to capture a corporation s imagination and make sure that your nonprofit gets the support it deserves with the help of Jocelyne Daw s Cause Marketing for Nonprofits.

Written to help nonprofits recognize the opportunities provided by cause marketing partnerships, Cause Marketing for Nonprofits shows nonprofit boards of directors, executive directors, development directors, fundraising consultants, marketing directors, organizational development professionals, and other nonprofit professionals how to build productive and profitable relationships while minimizing potential challenges.

Brimming with numerous real world case studies, Cause Marketing for Nonprofits explores cause marketing in a broad social context, examining how it has developed and evolved, and the benefits and challenges this new way of thinking and acting can bring. It then provides a thorough overview of this program delivery, marketing, and fundraising approach and the practical tools needed to successfully develop strategic cause programs that maximize the benefits for all. Finally, the book inspires critical and creative thinking to encourage continued growth of corporate cause marketing collaborations.

Featuring a Foreword by Carol Cone, Chairman and founder of Cone Inc.––the leading research and marketing professional on cause marketing––Cause Marketing for Nonprofits provides a wealth of hands on, practical experience that will benefit any nonprofit organization interested in this innovative form of generating revenue, building profile, and achieving mission. Readers will discover valuable advice on how to:

  • Create an entrepreneurial culture
  • Develop a proactive strategy
  • Actively seek a corporate fit
  • Put processes and procedures in place to ensure complete buy in, value worth, develop agreements, manage risk, and much more

When nonprofits and for profits combine efforts, they can be a powerful force for community good. Cause Marketing for Nonprofits provides readers with the tools, facts, and know how to build mutually beneficial partnerships where the sum of the two parts can be greater than the individual; where self interest can be combined with altruism, marketing with philanthropy, and mission achievement with business objectives.

Taal / Language : English

Introduction: My Journey, Partner for Purpose, Passion, and Profit.
Foreword By Carol Cone.
Chapter 1. The New Corporate-Nonprofit Engagement.
Chapter 2. Integrating Value And Values.
Chapter 3. Evolution Of Cause Marketing
Chapter 4. Products: Product Sales, Purchase Plus, Licensed Products
Chapter 5. Promotions: Issue Promotions.
Chapter 6. Cause Marketing Programs.
Chapter 7. Creating A Cause Marketing Orientation: Cause Preparedness.
Chapter 8. Building The Cause Marketing Program: Collaboration; Combining Assets; Creating Value.
Chapter 9. Implementing the Cause Marketing Program: Execution; Corporate and Community Outcomes.
Chapter 10. National Organizations: American Heart Association and First Book American heart associatin and National Cause Partners Macy`s and Pfizer: `Go Red for Women` Cause Marketing Campaign.
Chapter 11      Local Organizations: Food Bank (New York City) and Canadian Cancer Society (British Columbia and Yukon District).
Case Study: Food Bank for New York City and NYC Banks and Financial Institutions.
Case Study: Canadian Cancer Society and Daffodil Cause Marketing Product Sales.
Chapter 12. Cause Marketing Principles And Cautions: Seven Golden Rules, Seven Deadly Sins. 
Final Thoughts.
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312 pagina's
Januari 2006
748 gram
254 x 184 x 19 mm
John Wiley & Sons Inc us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen