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Economie en bedrijf
Management algemeen
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Bestel vóór: 23:15

David Beckett

Pitch to Win

The Tools That Help Startups and Corporate Innovation Teams Script, Design and Deliver Winning Pitches

€ 25.00

Hi, my name is David Beckett, I’m a pitch coach, and I’m here to ensure your ideas have a voice.

The big pitch is coming up. You’ve got just a few minutes to convince that investor or your Board, that your idea is worth investing money, time and people in. What should you say? How should you say it? And how do you beat those nerves that are already building up inside?

David Beckett has coached over 700 startups to raise over €170 million in investment. And he has trained thousands of professionals in innovation teams at companies like Google, Unilever, and PwC. He is also a TEDx speech coach.

In Pitch to Win, David provides practical tools to help you Script, Design and Deliver pitches that are short, professional and persuasive. His methods and practices have been tested with hundreds of pitchers and reviewed by numerous investors and members of the Board. The focus is on actionable tools and real-life examples. With step-by-step exercises that will guide you to your best pitch ever.

I’ve seen David transform ordinary presenters into fantastic pitchers. Follow the steps in Pitch to Win and you’ll have a great shot at pitching successfully for the resources you need to make your innovation ideas a success. Patrick de Zeeuw, cofounder of Startupbootcamp.

Pitch to Win brings the best of his tools, experience and lessons learned, together in one practical and actionable book. Ilja Linnemeier, Head of Digital, PwC.

A masterful how-to manual for engaging people in what you want them to do. Though I’ve done presentations for years, it’s given me some real gems I’ll use right away! David Allen, author of the international bestseller, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.

I am glad David put all his key points into this book, to help everyone get their story from good to great. Stefanie Turber, founder ComfyLight.

This book is an excellent practical toolkit. Guaranteed success. Michael Dooijes, Managing Director Startupbootcamp FinTech & Cyber-Security, Amsterdam & Frankfurt.

Pitch to Win gives you all the ingredients to deliver impactful pitches. Frank Appeldoorn, Venture Capital specialist, Arches Capital.

David is quite simply the Pitch-Maestro. Martin Sirk, CEO ICCA, International Congress and Convention Association.

Taal / Language : English

Extra informatie: 
Paperback / softback
200 pagina's
Mei 2018
541 gram
210 x 200 x 18 mm
Management Impact

Bij u in huis op: woensdag
Bestel vóór: 23:15

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