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Sport en spel
Sport en spel algemeen
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Cronin, Matthew


John McEnroe, Björn Borg, and the Greatest Tennis Season Ever

€ 28.95

Not only are the two matches covered in the book considered the greatest ever, they mark the golden age of tennis. They made McEnroe a superstar, began Borg’s precipitous decline and showed how the game was changing from quiet to loud and wood to metal.

Taal / Language : English



Chapter 1. Borg: Beginnings.

Chapter 2. Wimbledon 1st Set: A Losing Set Is Not So Much At All.

Chapter 3. McEnroe: Beginnings.

Chapter 4. Wimbledon 2nd Set: Better Call A Cab.

Chapter 5. Borg: The Sport`s First Rock Star.

Chapter 6. Wimbledon 3rd Set: I Can Do Anything With A Tennis Ball.

Chapter 7. McEnroe: France To Stanford.

Chapter 8. Wimbledon 4th Set: A Four-Hour Match.

Chapter 9. 1978: Borg I s Borg.

Chapter 10. Wimbledon 4th Set Tiebreaker: The Battle Begins.

Chapter 11. Borg, Connors, And McEnroe: To The Ends Of The Earth.

Chapter 12. Wimbledon 4th Set Tiebreaker: Both Still Alive.

Chapter 13. In Search Of The True Genius.

Chapter 14. Wimbledon Breaker: The War OF 18-16.

Chapter 15. A Notch Above Son Of Sam.

Chapter 16. Love And Sets.

Chapter 17. The Genius Tested In London.

Chapter 18. An Angel Or A Dickhead?

Chapter 19. Wimbledon Fifth Set: `Something In Me Wilted.`

Chapter 20. Borg And McEnroe In Their Time: Living The Moments.

Chapter 21. U.S. Open 1st Set: Rock Of Gibraltar.

  Chapter 22. McEnroe: The Cowboy Bucks Up.

Chapter 23. U.S. Open 2nd Set: I Didn`t Know What Was Happening.

Chapter 24. The North Star OF Vitas.

Chapter 25. U.S. Open 3rd Set: Willing And Able.

Chapter 26. 1980 U.S. Open : Amongst The Bad Actors.

Chapter 27. U. S. Open 4th Set: Frozen In Time.

Chapter 28. U.S. Open: Connors V. Mac, You`re Not Going To See A Tougher One.

Chapter 29. U.S. Open 5th Set: Poetry Written On Water.

Epilogue: The End Of A Great Rivalry.

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312 pagina's
Januari 2011
580 gram
241 x 162 x 25 mm
Turner Pub Co us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen