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Cornell, Jimmy World Cruising Essentials
Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen

Jimmy Cornell

World Cruising Essentials

The Boats, Gear, and Practices That Work Best at Sea

€ 38.95

Taal / Language : English




1. From Dream to Reality: Offshore Cruising Yachts Today

Size; Draft; Multihulls; Displacement; Construction material; Safety; Interior; Essential features

2. The Driving Force: Rig, Rigging and Sails

Rig; Sails; Furling gear; The ideal mainsail; Conclusions

3. Power to the People: Diesel Engines, Optimum Power and Reliability

Optimum power; Fuel; Propellers; Reliability; Breakages

4. Gearing Up for a Blue Water Voyage: Ancillary Equipment for Offshore Cruising

Autopilots; Windvanes; Outboard engines; Tenders; Ground tackle; Additional equipment

5. Taking the Guessing out of Navigation: Satellite Navigation, Electronics and Instrumentation

Satellite navigation; Radar; Electronic charts and plotters

6. Keeping in Touch: E-mail, Radio and Satellite Communications

Marine radios; Amateur radios; E-mail; The internet; Satellite communications; Cellular telephones; Conclusions

7. Dancing in the Moonlight: Offshore Routines--Watchkeeping, Electricity Generation and Consumption

Watchkeeping; Lights at night; Electricity consumption and generation; Conclusions

8. Give Us Our Daily Bread: Provisioning, Refrigeration and Water

Provisioning; Water and watermakers; Refrigeration; Cooking fuel; Diving; Fishing; Photography

9. Better Safe than Sorry: Piracy, Firearms, Collisions, Abandoning Ship

The unknown; Piracy; Onboard safety; Firearms; Collisions; Abandoning ship; Conclusions

10. Only the Wind Is Free: The Practical Side of the Cruising Life

Finances; Cruising in stages; Pets; Conclusions

11. The Human Factor: Psychological Aspects of Life Afloat

Taking on crew; Crew size; Cruising couples; The age factor; Cruising with children; Expectations; Conclusions

12. The Female Angle: Women Have Their Say in the Sailing Women Survey

The decision to go; Division of labour; Onboard chores; Emergencies; Life afloat; Advice to women/men

13. What Can Go Wrong? Medical Emergencies and Equipment Failures

Seasickness; Medical emergencies; First aid; Medicine chest; Equipment breakages; Lessons to others

14. Where on Earth Are They Sailing? Worldwide Yacht Movement and Statistics

North Atlantic; Mediterranean Sea; South Atlantic; North Pacific; South Pacific; Indian Ocean; Current trends

15. Looking into a Crystal Ball: Global Cruising Survey on the Future of Cruising


1. List of surveys, 1978 – 2002

2. Table of skippers in the Global Cruising Survey, details of their current yachts, and essential features of their ideal yachts

3. Recommended medicine chest (Peter Noble)

4. Millennium Odyssey outline and breakages report

5. Description of Aventura III


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240 pagina's
Januari 2003
717 gram
242 x 191 x 18 mm

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen