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Chris Schriks

Copyright history in the Netherlands

Summaries of `Het kopijrecht 16de tot 19de eeuw` & `Staatsauteursrecht cum annexis 17de tot 21ste eeuw`

€ 34.95

The History of Copyright in the Netherlands, 16th-19th Century The first part of this work presents a compact but vivid picture of the establishment of the contents of a book as a legal entity, and deals with reprinting, arguments for and against, various terms, complications in counteracting and weapons against piracy - such as compensation, cooperation and arrangements. It proceeds to discuss censorship, government interference, book or printing privileges and the fact that in the Dutch Republic copyright became a publisher`s right. It also deals with the impact of the Booksellers` Guilds and their opposition to the formation of a monopoly, as well as the confusion between the public and private domain for church and school books. Finally, this part gives a brief description of piracy and protection beyond the borders of the Dutch Republic, and provincial and national legislation in the Netherlands, interrupted by the annexation by France. State`s Copyright in the Netherlands. Public access in the Trias Politica and the Right of Copy and Copyright, 17th-21st Century The second part of this book covers the constitutional and legal consequences of access and publication on behalf of the Public Authority, with limits to the State`s right of copy and the State`s copyright. It further discusses the development from constitutional obligations concerning access to the public domain of the State under the rule of law via a State`s right of copy, copyright conventions, European directives, database law, expansion of basic human rights, open access to administration, rights of use of public sector information, and e-government. Finally, this part describes the processes leading from secrecy to the open access to information of the State Authority and public administration, stimulated by technological developments.

Taal / Language : English

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Paperback / softback
Januari 2015
349 gram
240 x 160 x 12 mm
Walburg Pers

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